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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Topic Travelling

Topic Travelling

  1. Do you like travelling?

→ I must admit I’m a travel lover (1) and travelling to a new country is always on top of my todo list every year. Travelling helps me broaden my horizons ( 2) and blow off some steam (3) after strenuous (4) working days.

  • (1) A travel lover /ˈtræv.əl ˈlʌv.ər/
    Example: Travel-lovers need to keep living fully
  • ( 2) To broaden my horizons /ˈbrɔː.dən maɪ həˈraɪ.zən/
    Example: When I went to university I wanted to broaden my horizons.
  • (3) To blow off some steam /bləʊ ɒf sʌm stiːm/
    Example: To blow off some steam, they took archery lessons together.
  • (4) To be strenuous /ˈstren.ju.əs/
    Example: His doctor advised him not to do any strenuous exercise
  1. How many cities have you travelled to?

→ Probably 6. Last year, during my winter break, I had a chance to travel with a group of my best friends and visited the Northern region of my country. We are also planning to travel overseas next month.

  1. What kind of cities do you like to travel to?

→ Since HCMC is usually hot and humid all year round(5) , I would love to visit cities that have cool weather like Da Lat or Sa Pa. Additionally, I also want to get away from the hustle and bustle(6) of the city life, so anywhere which gives me a sense of tranquility (7) would be my kind of city to visit.

  • 5)All year round /ɔːl jɪər raʊnd/
    Example: The venue shows movies all year round.
  • (6) To get away from the hustle and bustle
    Example: We both have busy lives and it’s good to get away from the hustle and bustle.
  • (7) A sense of tranquility
    Example: I love the sense of tranquility in my hometown.
  1. What is the place that left you the deepest impression when travelling?

→ Honestly speaking, it is Sapa. The city has its unique charm and picturesque scenery(8) that takes my breath away (9) just by looking at the photos I took during the trip. This place is definitely worth visiting (10) and words alone are not enough to describe its beauty.

  • (8) Picturesque scenery ˈsiˈ.nˈr.i/
    Example: The countryside in this region is very picturesque scenery.
  • (9) To take my breath away (idiom)
    Example: The beauty of the Taj Mahal took my breath away
  • (10) To be worth visiting
    Example: Two other sites are eminently worth visiting.

Collocations & idioms: Topic Travelling


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