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Describe a person who enjoys cooking for others 

Describe a person who enjoys cooking for others ” belongs to the topic group “Describe an person” which is a very common topic in Part 2 IELTS Speaking.

Describe a person who enjoys cooking for others

You should say:

  • who this person is and how you know him/her
  • what he/she likes to cook
  • who he/she cooks for

And explain why he/she enjoys cooking.

Sample Answer

Well, one person who I greatly admire for her culinary skills and her enthusiasm for cooking for others is my friend, Sarah. Sarah and I have been close friends for many years, and I have had the pleasure of experiencing her culinary talents firsthand.

What sets Sarah apart is her diverse repertoire of dishes. She enjoys preparing a wide range of cuisines, from Italian pasta dishes to spicy Thai curries and even elaborate desserts like chocolate soufflés. Her love for experimenting with different flavors and techniques truly shines through in her cooking.

Sarah doesn’t limit her culinary delights to just family dinners; she actively seeks opportunities to cook for others. Whether it’s hosting a dinner party for friends or bringing homemade treats to the office, she finds immense joy in sharing her creations. It’s not just about the food for her; it’s about creating memorable experiences through shared meals.

I believe Sarah’s enjoyment of cooking for others stems from her belief that food has the power to bring people together. She sees cooking as a way to express love and care for those around her. It’s her means of nurturing and connecting with people on a deeper level. Seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they savor her dishes is what motivates her to continue cooking with passion.

In conclusion, Sarah is not just a skilled cook; she’s a person who genuinely enjoys cooking for others and creating moments of warmth and togetherness through her culinary creations. Her dedication to bringing joy to others through food is truly inspiring.

And that’s all I wanna share. Thanks for listening!



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