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Describe a good service you received

“Describe a good service you received” belongs to the topic group “Describe a experience” which is a common topic in Part 2 IELTS Speaking. Here is sample answer speaking part 2 and follow questions part 3.

Describe a good service you received

You should say:

  • What was the service?
  • When will you receive it?
  • Who you were with?
  • And how did you feel about it?

Sample Answer

I use a great deal of services every day, but if I were to pick just one, I would have to give special mention to Spaghetti Box, a beautiful restaurant where I just had dinner. 

Hanoi’s Spaghetti Box is a little eatery that offers reasonably priced Italian fare like spaghetti, pizza, and steak. Although this address is well regarded by young people in the city, I have never been here before. 

My niece really asked me to take her to her all-time favorite restaurant on her birthday last week since it was her favorite. At first, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but as my niece gave the little spot a lot of praise, I began to feel hopeful. 

In terms of customer service, the restaurant exceeded my expectations and made the greatest impact. After we located our table and took a seat, the server quickly came over to say hello, showed us around the menu, and gave us some alone time to select our food. After a little while, he came back to take our order and expressed his regret ahead of time, saying that the demand for supper would cause the pizza to take longer than normal. His apologies, in my opinion, demonstrated his professionalism and concern for the customers.

He even went so far as to inquire later whether we were going to eat out for a special occasion. The server was gracious enough to let the host know that it was my niece’s birthday and extended an offer of a 5% reduction off the whole cost. The service at that point truly gave me a sense of respect and appreciation.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience with friendly service, mouth watering food, exquisite presentation, and reasonable prices. Everyone should check out this quaint spot, but especially the younger generation looking for affordable and pleasant dates after school.

Another Sample

Follow Questions Part 3: Describe a good service you received

1. What do you think of the relationship between companies and consumers?

I believe that businesses and consumers are mutually dependent. A business cannot prosper and expand without sales, and without successful businesses, consumers would not be able to obtain high-quality goods and services. It follows that the top businesses, like Apple and Amazon, also have the greatest customer service.

2. As a customer, what kinds of services would you expect to receive from a company?

Companies should, in my opinion, prioritize keeping their word. For instance, if businesses guarantee a one-day installation, the task must be completed on that same day. In addition, the business needs to apologize and pay back the clients if the product falls short of the quality expectations set out.

3. What kind of jobs involve coping with the public?

Most sales and service positions, in my opinion, require dealing with the public. Services include everything from product installs to automobile repairs to teaching to healthcare services. Similar to this, sales still mostly involve interacting with the public even if online purchasing has decreased engagement.

4. Why should companies react quickly when customers have difficulties?

In my opinion, it’s critical to aggressively address customer complaints and issues since they may damage the company’s brand name, which is crucial for success in the cutthroat world of today. Actually, it’s one of the main justifications for why businesses nowadays are assuming social responsibility.


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