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Describe a Person You Admire

This article includes sample responses on the IELTS cue card topic Describe a person you admire.’

Describe a person you love/like/admire

You should say

  • who that person is
  • what you usually do with this person
  • how often you see this person

and explain why you love/like/admire this person.

Sample Answer 1: 

“More often than not, if people are asked this question, their answer would either be a celebrity like an actor or a singer, a politician, or someone who is famous. But for me, I would have to say that the person I most admire is a family member. 

For everyone, ‘family’ is the most valuable asset. One cannot exist without a family, and a family is a place where everyone may expect to get anything without expecting anything in return. That is why the person I look up to the most is my father. He keeps our family together. In my life, he is my hero. For his exceptional abilities, my father is extremely admirable.

He has led me along the right route so that I can excel in both my professional and personal lives. He aided me in every way imaginable while I was a child, and as I grew older, he showed me how to make decisions. The most essential thing is that he never compels me to do or perform something against my choice. He always gives me the benefit of the doubt, presents me the options, and leads me to choose the best path. I am now a well-known photographer in our city, thanks to his guidance. When he learned that I wanted to be a photographer, he lowered his costs in half and purchased me the first camera of my life.

My father is no longer employed and spends his time with his family and friends. Most of his pals have retired as well, and they spend their time together reminiscing about their youth. My father also takes my mom out on occasion. They spend the entire day outside and return at night, just like they did when they first married. My parents’ romanticism appeals to me. Furthermore, my father enjoys gardening and looks after the garden in front of our house. He frequently purchases flowers in various categories and requests that I photograph him with the plants.

I admire and will continue to admire my father for his honesty, integrity, and sense of duty. I have never seen him neglect his obligations to my family. My father’s most distinguishing characteristic is his compassion for people, regardless of their relationship with him. In the midst of his hundreds of tasks, he rushed to care for a member of the family who had become ill. He also used to assist the poor and keep the events hidden from us. I am extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful father.”

Follow-up Question:

Does your father know how much you admire him?

“Yes, I have told him before and I would definitely continue to let him know how much I admire and respect him not just as my father but as a person as well. He deserves to know the kind of impact he had on me and my siblings.”

Do you think you would also become a good father in the future? 

“It’s really hard to know what the future holds, but if I would be like my father, even half of what he has accomplished, I’d be extremely grateful. He has become a good father to me and my siblings and a good husband to my mom and we couldn’t ask for anything. I sure hope to be like him when the time comes.“ 

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