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Vocabulary for Answering (Describe a person you admire)

Here are some words in the sample responses for the cue card topic ‘Describe a person you admire.’ with their meanings and sample sentences for your reference. 

WordPart of SpeechMeaning
Example usage of the word in a sentence
adoreVerbTo respect and love someone deeply“I simply adore how you pull off that dress.” 
appealVerbTo be interesting or attractive“Abstract painting appeals to a lot of people.”
the benefit of the doubtIdiomAn admission that a person or statement must be viewed as correct or justifiable if the opposite is not proven“Her teacher is going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she did the homework by herself.”
celebrityNounA famous person“He had turned into a celebrity overnight after the news broke that he had won the lottery.”
compassionNounAn empathetic pity and concern for other people’s hardships or misfortunes“She was taken aback by the compassion in his voice, and she looked up at his solemn expression, tears streaming down her face.”
compelVerbTo force someone to do something“I sometimes have to compel my daughter into performing her tasks by threatening her that she would be grounded if she doesn’t.”
dedicationNounThe state of being committed to an activity or objective“He admired my dedication in ensuring all of the details were accurate.”
emulateVerbTo imitate“She attempted to emulate my recent accomplishment.”
exceptionalAdjectiveUnusually good, outstanding“My younger brother has an exceptional talent in memorizing the capital city of each and every country.”
impactNounA person’s, thing’s, or action’s effect or influence on another“Her speech had a big impact on a lot of individuals.”
influenceNounThe ability to influence someone’s or something’s character, growth, or conduct, or the effect itself“His parents still have a significant influence of power over him.”
integrityNounMoral uprightness; the trait of being honest and possessing strong moral principles“What I respect about my dad the most is his integrity.”
look up toPhrasal VerbTo have a great degree of respect for someone“The players look up to their coach because of his passion for football.” 
modestAdjectiveHumble and unassuming “Despite everything she had accomplished, she remained modest.”
neglectVerbTo fail to care for properly“In order to have a tidy kitchen, do not neglect to wash the dishes.”
obligationNounAn activity or course of action that a person is ethically or legally bound to do; a responsibility or commitment“He strongly believes that each and every human being has a moral obligation to protect human rights.”
reminisceVerbTo delight in pleasurable reminiscences of the past“I figured that once it was all over, we’d be able to reminisce on what we’d accomplished and perhaps rejoice in all the good we’d done.”
techniqueNounA method of carrying out a specific task“She solved the problem in a different technique than her brother, but the result was the same.”
valuableAdjectiveOf extreme importance and worth“My grandmother always gives me valuable pieces of advice.” 
warm-heartedAdjectiveKind and sympathetic“She has a sympathetic look, I believe she is warm-hearted.” 

Cue Card: Describe a Person You Admire


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