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Describe a piece of art you like

“Describe a piece of art you like” belongs to the topic group “Art” is a topic often given in IELTS Speaking Part 2.

Describe a piece of art you like

You should say:

  • What the work of art it is
  • When you first saw it
  • What you know about it
  • Explain why you like it

Sample Answer

Well honestly, I’m a big fan of art, so I’ve been to a huge number of galleries before. As for this topic, I would talk about the painting that left an especially strong impression on me in the Louvre Museum. It was when I visited Paris with my whole family, spending the whole day exploring the Louvre Museum.

This is an oil painting called the Mona Lisa, also Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, which is a brilliant artwork by Leonardo da Vinci, dating from, I think, the 16th century. It is one of the world’s most famous paintings and is considered an icon of the Italian renaissance.

What I really like about this painting is that it presents Leonardo’s skillful handling of sfumato (use of fine shading) and reveals his understanding of the musculature and the skull beneath the skin.

The three-quarter view, which deviated from the typical profile attitude employed in Italian painting and turned the sitter’s position primarily toward the viewer, quickly became the norm for all portraits and was continued until the twenty-first century.

Furthermore, the landscapes depicted in the Mona Lisa are particularly significant because they serve as a visual representation of the idea of bliss. Warm hues are used to depict the intermediate distance, which is level with the sitter’s chest. Like many great paintings, I could sit and marvel at this all day.

Follow Questions: Topic Art

1. How do people in your country feel about art?

Answer: Well, to be honest, people don’t appreciate art very much. Therefore, artists are often neglected and their work remains unrecognized.

2. Do people in your country prefer music over art?

Answer: Yes, they do. I mean, to all of us, music is an indispensable part of people’s lives. Young and old people have different tastes in music. Specifically, the young often prefer fast catchy rhythm to slow and soothing music.

3. Should the government provide support for art and cultural activities?

Answer: I think that the government should provide support for art and culture-related activities. Indeed, art and cultural programs help people connect with their cultures. Therefore, any kind of support, in the form of money or resources, will help artists gain respect in society and make ends meet as well. to make a decent living and earn respect in society.


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