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Describe a school that you went to when you were a child

Describe a school that you went to when you were a child.

You should say:

  • where the school was
  • when you went there
  • what the school and the teachers were like

and explain whether you enjoyed your time there.

Sample Answer

It was the only school in town back then so it was named accordingly. My hometown is kinda like a small valley, and the school was built in the center while my house was on the hillside. It was a long journey to school every day but some of houses were along the way so I had some company for most parts. my friends.

I was a pupil there between the ages of 6 and 10 before my whole family moved to Hanoi to live with our grandparents. I heard that after we moved away for a few years, the original school was demolished and relocated to a new area across the town. Everything is now brand new, and I almost didn’t recognize it when I got back to the town for the first time 2 years ago. The people back then were all that I could re member about this place. It was such a fun time going to school every day.

I and my buddies were all very naughty so we always had something to play around with each other or with other people, which got us into pretty much trouble. But our teach er rarely punished us for any of those, she was very kind and gentle with us. She taught Arts and always had some interesting stories to tell the students during the les sons, which inspired me a lot to choose Arts as my major in university later on.

The school was my first time for everything: my first achievements and prizes, my first time standing on stage and my first friends. And as I’ve just said, it is more about the people than the actual place. We have had some really good memories together, leaving our footprints at every corner of the town. I don’t think I could ever forget such an amazing time. All of them are like my second family, we still keep in contact and hang out with each other occasionally to talk about the good old days.


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