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Describe a time when you searched/looked for information from the internet

You should say:

  • a. When was it
  • b. What information were you looking for
  • c. Where you were searching on the internet
  • d. How did it help you (how you felt about the information)


● Internet has become part and parcel of our lives.

● Not a single day goes without its use by the youngsters of today.

● I too use the internet for many things.

● Every now and then I see what my friends and family have posted on Whatsapp or Facebook.

● Here, I would like to talk about a time when I searched ideas for a handmade gift on the internet.

● It was my sisters birthday and I wanted to make something for her.

● Youtube is a wonderful resource for videos of all types of creative projects.

● I came across this 3D origami project.

● It looked fabulous.

● I decided to make it.

● All it needed was 16 sheets of A4 size paper and a paper cutting knife

● The instructions in the video were very easy.

● While i was making it, it did not look so good, but as I went on, the shape became clear and it started looking awesome.

● When I presented it to my sister, she was stunned, because the swan looked stunning.

● Everyone complimented me for that artwork. She has kept that swan on her bedside table.

● So, the internet helped me in creating a masterpiece from ordinary paper.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. Is online information reliable?

I believe that there is unreliable information available online because there are no restrictions on the information anyone can post. However, most of the users know which sites are trustworthy and which information cannot be trusted/relied upon.

2. Do you think there is too much information online?

Yes, there is a vast amount of information available online. There are thousands of articles, websites, blogs available for any topic one searches for.

3. Is the information provided on television useful?

Yes, there is a lot of useful information provided on television through various educative and informative shows like on National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, etc. There a lot we can learn about the culture, language and lifestyle even from the daily soaps. Besides, there are advertisements about social issues and products which also add to our awareness and knowledge.

4. What are some other ways of searching information?

Some other ways are from magazines and books, which we can find in libraries.

5. What kind of information do people trust more?

People trust information from books more, because there is no authenticity of the information on the internet. Anyone can post anything.

6. What should be done to critically analyse the information people get from internet?

It is essential to know the site from where the information is being taken. Some sites are authentic and secure.

7. What are the differences between getting information from library and getting information from newspaper?

Libraries can provide access to information related to a variety of topics and also an environment/atmosphere which is conducive to concentrate better. While newspapers largely have the most latest news from all over the world. Newspapers cover various topics too, but cannot compare to the variety available in a library.


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