Describe an activity you enjoy doing when you are alone

You should say:

  1. aWhat the activity is
  2. How often you do it
  3. Where you do it
  4. How you do it
  5. Why you like to do this activity

● I believe doing things or activities when we are alone or free has many benefits.

● It helps in keeping the mind busy, additionally one can develop his/her skills

● and any activity becomes more enjoyable when a person does it with enthusiasm

● Today, I would like to talk about an activity that I do when I am by myself.

● I love to collect photographs especially of my loved ones

● I got this habit from one of my school friends as she had extraordinary talent

● to make a scrapbook

● I got this passion from her as everyone appreciated her work and I liked it a lot as well. Makkar IELTS

● I have bought a digital camera as well using which I click a lot of candid pictures of my family and friends.

● Then, whenever I get leisure time after accomplishing my day’s work, I organise all photographs into a collage

● This helps me to retain the memories and presence of all my favourite people

● It is part of my daily life now as it helps me to connect with them.

● This activity gets me a lot of accolades as when any special occasion comes such as Birthdays ,wedding anniversary I gift these pictures to my loved one’s.

● I get these pictures framed before giving them as gifts

● I feel in today’s materialistic world everyone is getting detached due to social media and Internet. m@ K K AR IELTS

● This small activity makes me feel connected with the people who are important in my life and helps in strengthening my relationship with them

● It is also an activity which gives me immense joy and pleasure

● I would say that this activity is my stress buster and I enjoy doing it when I am alone.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. How do people in your country usually plan free time?

Normally people don’t much plan their free time. This is because all their friends and family are not free at the same time. However, some people plan free time by synchronising with their family and friends. They plan their holidays and leaves together and visit places or just do some socialising in their homes.

2. Do young people in your country work longer hours now than in the past?

Yes, they do. Competition has become intense and people have to work longer hours to survive.

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of flexible work time?

The advantages are that one can work according to one’s time. For example if both husband and wife are working, they can work at different times so that one parent can be with their children all the time.

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