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Describe an event you experienced but you didn’t like the music played there

Describe an event you experienced but you didn’t like the music played there

You should say:

  • What the event was
  • Where you were
  • What the music was like
  • And explain why you did not enjoy the music

Sample Answer

I’ll tell you about the time I was really annoyed by the terrible and repulsive (1) music which was played at a music competition in a café near Hoan Kiem lake.

So, a couple of months ago my friend invited me to a rap competition held among university students called FB. At first, I didn’t really want to go because I’m not really into rap. Then my friend told me that the competition’s gonna be held in Snoboo Café – one of my favorite places to chill(2) – so I changed my mind. He also said the drinks are on him so yeah, another reason not to refuse. After all, it’s just a music competition. What could possibly go wrong, right?

I was dead wrong. When I saw the first few performances, I immediately regretted my decisions… Although the beat and melody (3) used for the songs weren’t terrible, some of them even sound catchy(4) , I was extremely annoyed by the edgy lyrics written by some of the candidates. They’re full of swear words (5) and offensive lines (6) which, besides having basic rhymes, serve no purpose whatsoever. Besides, the sound quality was frequently distorted(7) , which created a very unpleasant metallic sound. Apparently, the musical instruments (8) weren’t well set up by the competition organizer.

The only reason why I didn’t leave the cafes immediately was because the drinks and snacks they serve taste phenomenal. The staff there was also observant and helpful. But of course, it wasn’t enough to make the experience more enjoyable.


  • Terrible and repulsive:
    Ex: This is a terrible and repulsive song
  • Chill /tʃɪl/:
    Ex: I’ve put the beer in the fridge to chill.
  • The beat and melody:
    Ex: Eight Bit Beats is a collaborative, social beat and melody sequencer.
  • Catchy /ˈkætʃ.i/:
    Ex: A song with catchy lyrics
  • Swear words /sweər wɜːd/:
    Ex: We screen a list of swear words.
  • Offensive lines /əˈfen.sɪv laɪn/:
    Ex: It can create unusual matchups for opposing offensive lines.
  • Distorted /dɪˈstɔː.tɪd/:
    Ex: Everything looks distorted through the glass
  • Musical instruments /ˈmjuː.zɪ.kəl ˈɪn. strə.mənt/:
    Ex: Musical instruments are important throughout the Americas


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