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Describe an important letter you received

You should say:

  1.  When you received it
  2.  Who sent it
  3.  What it was about
  4.  Why it was important to you

Band 8 Sample

I would like to talk about an important letter from one of my besties living in the US.

It was a Sunday morning in May 2 years ago when the postman came to my house and delivered the letter to me. At first I thought it was a mistake as I couldn’t think of any of my friends or relatives who still used this outdated means of communication. But then I could not believe my eyes to realize that it was Mia – my best friend from high school who sent me the letter. In fact, we had lost contact for more than a decade since her family moved to the US for a new life, and despite my every endeavor to find her on social networking sites; I have always ended up finding different people with the same name.

I immediately felt blissful, nervously reading her letter. She was exactly like the Mia that I knew years ago. She was still treating me with tender loving care, asking me so many questions that I was just a bit overwhelmed. It was also her sense of humor in every single thing she mentioned that could not be hidden. She didn’t forget to tell me what had happened to her over the past 12 years, and I was so happy to know that she was also pursuing a teaching career just like me.

Mia’s letter was the longest letter I have read in my entire life, and it was so meaningful to

me. I had never thought that I would have such a wonderful chance to reconnect with my soul-mate, who I trusted so much, after such a long time. It gave us the chance to be connected again, and to gossip about everything in life and to remind each other about the beautiful old days.


Vocabulary highlights:

• Endeavor: an attempt to do something, especially something new or difficult

• Blissful: extreme happiness

• Tender loving care: considerate and kindly care


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