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Describe a time when you had to change your plan / you changed your mind

You should say:

  1. When was it
  2. What was the plan
  3. Why you had to change it
  4. How you felt


● Normally, I plan my activities very meticulously.

● But, sometimes things do not go as planned and one has to change one’s plans.

● Here I am going to talk about a time when the weather forced me and my friends to change our plan

● I vividly remember a time when my friends and I had planned to go to a museum, PushpaGujral Science City, near my hometown, where we could not go because of heavy rainfall.

● Last year, in our summer vacation, we planned to visit this museum.

● This museum is at a distance of one hour from my hometown.

● As I live near the bus stand, my friends had to assemble at my house and then we had to go to the bus stand and catch a bus for the museum.

● It was cloudy, and we could anticipate that it would rain, but we never thought it could be that bad.

● Just has we were about to leave it started raining heavily.

● We thought we would wait for sometime for the rain to slow down and then we would go

● But it started raining cats and dogs, and the rain went on for five hours at a stretch.

● We could not go anywhere

● My friends were also stuck at my house

● But we made it a day to remember

● My mother made a nice lunch and many snacks for us and we played carom board

● Although we could not go to the museum, we had a fun time together

● Even after the rain stopped, there was a lot of water logging on the roads and my friends could not go home till late evening.

● So that was a day when the weather changed our plans.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. Do old people often change plans?

I think by the time one becomes old, he/she has learnt the importance of planning and doing things on time. So they like to go as per the plan because deviations from plans often create problems which old people do not like

2. Do young people like to change plans?

Young people nowadays are working on multiple things, they like to do multitasking, in order to achieve this, they make frequent changes in their plans. But at the same time young people like to be in control of things they do and if it is often interrupted by changes then they won’t like them.

3. What are the common reasons when people need to change plans?

The reasons for changing plans are mostly circumstantial. Changes are hardly planned. If something or other comes up then people have to change their plans.

4. How would you tell your friends when you must change your plan?

If I make any changes in my plan then I will immediately inform it to my friends or anyone else who is involved in the plan. I will explain to them the reasons behind the change. Informing immediately is necessary because then other people can understand and plan their time accordingly.

5. What kinds of plans are practical?

I think simple plans which involve less people are always practical like planning for a trip or outing etc. But plans which involve a lot of people and are hard to achieve tend to be less practical as they need a lot of time to execute and there is dependency on too many people.

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