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Describe an important stage of your life

You should say:

  • What part it is
  • Where you were then
  • What memorable things you did

And explain why this is the most enjoyable part / stage in your life.

Sample Answer

  • Introduction 

I would like to share with you a period that had a huge impact on my current career path that partly made me who I am today. 

  • What part it is

It was the time when I was preparing for the university entrance exam. It actually happened 5 years ago, but the feeling was so intense that everything is still fresh in my memory.

  • Where you were then

As you know, in Vietnam, the university entrance exam has always been considered the most important examination in anybody’s life, and mine was not an exception. In my time, all students were required to sit for an exam that covered the knowledge of 3 full years in high school. It was too much for anyone to handle, and the amount of things to learn was so enormous.

  • What memorable things you did

I remembered having to pull an all-nighter almost every day. Of course, the competition was fierce, I mean you wouldn’t be admitted into the top schools unless your score were really high. Besides the stress of studying, I was also faced with the question of which major to choose. For many, it was an easy pick, because they understood where their strengths and interests lied. For me, I had no idea whatsoever what I should do in the future, so I was feeling on edge during the entire period before the exam.

  • And explain why this is the most enjoyable part / stage in your life.

In hindsight, it was not an enjoyable time, but definitely a precious memory to me. It was the first time I was ever involved in something that had such a huge impact on my life. Through this, I had an opportunity to have a closer look at my career orientation as well as my ability. 

  • Conclusion 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I became an adult after this. That’s all I want to share about this topic.


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