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IELTS Speaking : Topic Workplace

IELTS Speaking Part 2 : Workplace

Talk about a nice place for relaxation that you know and use.

You should say:

  • Where and what is this place?
  • How often do you go there?
  • Why do you go there?
  • Who do you go there with?

Sample Answer:

  • Introduction

Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, I must say that I’m pretty blessed as I can have access to many entertainment places. 

  • Where and what?

And the one I choose to talk about today is Takashimaya, a department store situated in the heart of my city, where I often go to unwind. So, this is the first building in Vietnam that has a 6-level basement for parking which left me speechless the first time I went there. And though it’s meant to attract people from all walks of life, the products there are quite pricey so the majority of customers are coming from the upper class.

  • How often?

I go there almost every week, especially when there are celebrations like birthdays or family parties, but I have never gotten rid of this place.

  • Why you go there?

To answer the question why it is my ideal relaxation place, I gotta admit that I’m kinda a shopaholic, so whenever I get stressed from work, shopping eases my mind and lifts up my mood. So I often go from shop to shop to buy stuff like clothes or accessories. This mall includes a variety of brand stores like Topshop, Zara, etc. that help me to stay on trend with fashion. 

  • Who you go with?

Also, it’s a perfect hangout spot with a food court offering dishes from around the world. I often go there to eat Japanese food with some of my besties. One time I tried raw fish at a sushi bar there and it was amazingly fresh and tasty.

  • Conclusion

In a nutshell, after a week of being rushed off my feet at work, Takashimaya is a place I choose to relax and release all the negative energy.

Follow Questions: Part 3

1. What do you think about working for big corporations?

On the one hand, big corporations offer a professional working environment and they already establish an explicit system and procedure that employees can easily follow. Also, working there means people can have opportunities to collaborate with and learn from competent coworkers or experts.

On the other hand, people working for big companies have fewer chances to expand their expertise. I mean these corporations often separate one sector into small parts so people are restrained from performing specific tasks over and over again. Like in HR department, they divide it into recruiting, training and C&B so a trainer may not know how to search for a potential candidate for example.

2. Would you like to work for one? Why?

If the opportunity comes along, I would definitely take it. As I have mentioned above, there are many benefits we can get from working for a big company, also it will be good for my resume/will brighten my CV as well.

3. What are the pleasant and unpleasant things about such workplaces?

Apart from the advantages that I just told you about, some nice things about such workplaces are that they often offer good benefits and compensation. And the downside of it is that since these places are very hard to get in, I mean they’re very competitive so people would be under a lot of pressure and must try to be at their best all the time to make sure no one can take their spots.

4. How should the manager and staff communicate in your opinion?

There are many ways actually, the first and easiest one would be holding a meeting so employees can raise their voices. Another one I can think of is through emailing so if there is anything that the staff don’t feel comfortable to speak up directly, they can email their boss instead.


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