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Describe an Interesting Course You Took

Describe an Interesting Course You Took

You should say:

  • What course it was
  • When you took it
  • Who the professor was

And explain why you think it’s interesting.   

Sample Response :

“In today’s world, tough workplace competitiveness has become an integral part of people’s lives, necessitating the development of new abilities. I took one course two years ago to propel my profession forward on an incredible growth track. The course I’m referring to a Digital Marketing course, and I think it’s indeed an interesting one. 

There were two modules in the course. The trainer focused on teaching the principles of digital marketing in the first lesson. I learned a great deal about the digital world in the first six weeks and how traditional marketing will soon be obsolete. Social media marketing was the focus of the second module. I learned about numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Medium, and Meetup from that training. In addition, I did volunteer work for one of my teacher’s international clients.

My on-the-job training allowed me to get significant insights into the design of social media marketing strategies. This course amazed me because it led to a paradigm shift in my approach to digital marketing. I instantly got a job with an IT company after finishing the training. Now, I work for a multinational corporation, and I credit my affluent lifestyle to the training throughout the course. To have a successful career, I recommend that all young people understand digital marketing.”

Follow-up Question:

In your opinion, should professors decide on what course a student should take? 

“I don’t think so. I believe that whatever course a student wants to take is up to that student and that no one should decide it for them. I know that sometimes, there are those students who feel the need to shift to another course because they do not like the first course they took, but at least they tried to go for what they wanted at the time.” 

How do you feel about the growing number of technology courses these days? 

“I think it’s a good thing. The world we live in now is advanced in terms of technology, and almost everything is technology-based. We need to keep up with the modern advancements that are happening, and that would only be possible because of these technology courses being offered in universities and colleges these days.”


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