Describe an unusual meal you had

You should say:

  • Who you were with
  • Where you went
  • When it happened
  • Why it was unusual

Band 8 Sample

Well, my family usually enjoys our dinner at home with simple and traditional dishes, but there was an occasion we had a very special meal together in a fancy restaurant.

It was around 3 years ago when I was tied up in revision for my final examination. After that high-pressure time, I passed the exam with flying colors so my dad decided to ease my mind by taking the whole family to a Western restaurant for enjoying a cozy meal together.

That dinner was a little unusual to my family because we had never eaten in such a luxurious restaurant, so my mother and I were very surprised at that time.

This French restaurant is located in downtown Ho Chi Minh City. Because it is situated in a well-trodden area, this restaurant welcomes hundreds of guests every night. The food here, therefore, wasn’t very budget-friendly. Actually, it cost my family an arm and a leg, which made this dinner even more special to me. Even though my dad is not the kind of person who makes a killing, he was still willing to take my mom and me to such a restaurant as a reward for my hard work. So I really appreciated him for that.

I really enjoyed this dinner because it really helped me to relieve everyday stress and chill out after long hard-working days. Besides, this unusual meal was also a very good chance for us to strengthen our family bond because we all have been so busy for a long time.

In the future I will try to earn a lot of money to take my family to wonderful places like this to try different cuisines and outstanding dishes, like lobster, abalone and salmon.

Vocabulary highlights:

  • To be tied up in something: to be occupied by something/too busy doing something
  • To pass the exam with flying colors: successfully pass the exam
  • Ease my mind: to relax
  • Well-trodden area: an area with a lot of people traveling
  • Budget friendly: affordable
  • Cost an arm and a leg: very expensive
  • Make a killing: make a lot of money quickly

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