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Describe someone you are close to or know a lot about

Describe someone you are close to or know a lot about

You should say:

  • Who that person is
  • How you met each other
  • What she looks like

And explain what you like most about her.


Who that person isMy neighbor – my best friend
How you met each other+ I was 4 years old
+ She moved in our neighborhood
What she looks like+ stunning smile
+ round face  not fit into beauty standards
+ Adorable
+ a gorgeous appearance
And explain what you like most about her+ shared many things in common
+ family doesn’t end with blood 
+ her courage
+ I never hesitate to confide all my secrets.

Sample Answer

I am going to talk about one of my best friends who is also my neighbor. When I was about 4 years old, she moved into our neighborhood with her parents. At first, both of us were hesitant to talk to each other and tried to keep our  distance. Gradually, we developed a bond and became best friends.

My friend may not be beautiful in the eyes of others, but to me, her stunning smile lights up my day. Some said that her round face does not fit into beauty standards, but I really like her chubby cheeks which makes her adorable and look younger than her age. Even though she does not have a gorgeous appearance, she is always confident and appreciates herself. 

After 20 years being together, we have grown up and learned a lot about each other and we shared many things in common after such a long period of time. Through our friendship, I know that family doesn’t end with blood because my neighbor was no less than my family. I believe that one of the reasons why I feel so attached to her is her courage. If I am on the side of an introvert – hiding myself and trying to get away from troubles, she, on the other hand, always encourages me to stand up against injustice.

She is probably not the smartest girl that I have ever met, but undoubtedly the bravest girl. Due to her courage,  I was not bullied at school. As my well-wisher, she is the one with whom I never hesitate to confide all my secrets. I can share everything with her without the fear of being judged as she is always a good listener and gives me the best advice on things, especially my social circles. 


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