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Describe something important that you lost in the past

I. Sample answer 1

You should say:

  • What it was
  • How you lost it
  • Why was it important to you
  • How you felt when you lost it
  • We all lose something or the other in life.
  • I have also lost many things.
  • Here I would like to talk about an important thing, which I lost last year.
  • It was my first cell phone
  • I got my first mobile phone when I completed my high school.
  • It was a Samsung S2
  • My uncle gifted it to me.
  • I was very happy when my uncle gave me this phone.
  • Unfortunately, I lost it when I travelled from Phagwara to Jalandhar by bus.
  • There was a lot of rush, but I got a seat in the front row.
  • I took out my phone to make a call, but after that I don’t remember whether I put it back or not.
  • When I got down, I realised my phone was missing.
  • The bus was to go to Amritsar. So, it had already left.
  • I realised with a sinking heart that my phone was gone for ever
  • So I went to an Airtel service centre and got a complaint lodged and got my sim cancelled.
  • It was black in colour.
  • It was a rectangular phone and had 4.3 inches touch screen display
  • It also had a calculator, a calendar, an alarm, a light and some games.
  • Its battery backup was very good.
  • I was very possessive about my Samsung phone.
  • I never let anybody touch my phone.
  • I used an Airtel prepaid connection with it.
  • I had to pay for it from my pocket money.
  • So, I used it very frugally.
  • I used to play tetris on my phone.
  • I also used the phone to send SMS to my friends.
  • Sometimes I used the calculator and sometimes I listened to FM radio on my phone.
  • It was a very sturdy phone.
  • Many times it had fallen from my hands, but it did not break and worked perfectly well.
  • It had a camera of 5 megapixels on which I captured some photos of my friends and family.
  • I clicked many selfies with it.
  • I used many applications like whatsap and facebook to stay connected with my friends.
  • I miss my phone because it was a gift and was precious for me.

Follow Up Questions

1. What kinds of people may lose things often?

People who have a bad memory and are unorganized tend to lose things often.

2. What can we do to prevent losing important things?

We should try to keep things organized like instead of leaving things here and there we should have designated places for things and we should always place them there. For examples car keys should be hung on a key holder, that way you will never lose them

3. What would you do if you saw something valuable but didn’t belong to you on the street?

If I find something that doesn’t belong to me, I will first try to find the owner of that thing. If I am unable to do so, then I will donate it to the poor.

4. What kinds of things have you lost so far?

Well I keep losing a lot of things and sometimes I really feel bad about it. Once I lost my wallet and it had my id documents as well apart from the money. I have also lost my mobile phone, lunch box etc

5. What do you usually do to look for lost items?

Firstly I try to remember where I had last kept the item, if I am not able to recall it, I ask my parents or my friends.

II. Sample answer 2

You should say:

  • What you lost?
  • How you lost it?
  • Where you lost it?
  • And explain how you felt about it?

Life has all sorts of surprises for us which we keep getting from time to time. We find some of them overwhelming while some others make us sad and distressed. Today, I’ll like to talk about a mobile phone which I lost. I still remember that evening very well although it happened around ten years back.

I had gone to a local market that day to get some stationary for my upcoming exams. I stood on the counter and told the salesman to show me some gel pens and writing boards. I had my phone in my hand as I entered the shop but kept it on the counter to have a look at the stuff lying in front of me. In the mean time, a middle aged man also came there and asked for something. Then, he left in five minutes or so without purchasing anything. I didn’t sense anything at that time, I bought whatever I needed and paid the shopkeeper his due amount.

As I was about to leave, I just remembered to pick up my phone. All hell broke loose when my mobile was nowhere to be found. I searched all over the counter and even on the floor. The salesman told me that the man who entered the shop and left abruptly must be the thief. We tried to locate him on the street but he seemed to have vanished in the by lanes.

I just can’t explain that feeling when I lost something so dear to me. Certainly, I was shocked beyond words as right in front of my eyes someone took away my phone while I remained oblivion. Also, I was worried because all my contact numbers and other important details were in there. Then, I filed and FIR in the nearest police station and also called up my service provider to lock my SIM card.
This experience has made me more careful of my belongings and now I try to keep my phone as securely as possible.

III. Sample Answer 3

You should say:  

  • What it is     
  • Why it is important      
  • How did you lose it      
  • How did you do after losing it

Today  I  would  like  to  make  a  description  about  a  special  phone  I  lost  and  have  always regretted about it. This was also my first mobile phone.  

I still remember vividly the time that I was preparing for the entrance exam to university. At that time, I had to work my fingers to the bone to achieve my goal. However, I found it too hard to learn English, which was the subject that I had no idea about it before. I said to my mother and then she decided to take me to an electric store and asked me to pick the latest model. She hoped this gadget help me with this language thanks to the applications on it. 

My whole life has changed since that moment. Thanks to this phone, I could widen my lexical resources because there were a huge number of learning applications which come in handy. And this phone helped me pass the exam to my dream university with flying colors

Unfortunately, at the fresh year when I was on a bus, I forgot to zip my backpack. Then, I took a nap while the bus was running and I think someone deliberately took my phone. I was initially shocked and confused when realising that the phone has gone forever. It was not only because of its value but mostly because it was the gift of my mom. Everything changed a lot since I lost it. I didn’t have any thing to entertain, facilitate my study and keep in touch with my family until I saved enough money from my part-time job to buy a new one. 

Actually,  the  phone  I  am  using  now  is  definitely  better  and  more  modern  than  the  thing  I lost but I still regret and wish I had been more careful at that time.  

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