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Describe something you do that can help you concentrate on work or study

Describe something you do that can help you concentrate on work or study

You should say:

– What is it?
– How does it help you concentrate?
– When do you do it?
– And explain how you feel about it?

Sample band 7.5:

Unless you have a strong desire to learn the information or develop a skill, it can be hard to focus all of your attention in one place. Television, smart phones, social media, friends, and family can all distract you from your goal, so today I’m going to tell you about a method I use that helps to maximise my concentration to its fullest, which is mindful meditation. Some might disagree or even discard the idea, but meditation has remarkably enhanced my work performance.

This is an exercise that encourages us to focus on our sensations and thoughts in the present moment. I usually begin meditating by sitting upright for 10 minutes or so every night before going to bed, and focusing entirely on my breathing. The idea is to concentrate my attention on the many physical sensations that accompany each breath: the flow of air through my nostrils, the expansion of my chest cavity, the movement of my diaphragm. And the beauty of meditation is that I can do it anywhere, anytime.

Mindfulness meditation has been shown by some research to cause distinct changes in brain structure and brain function. In experiments, it has been found that regular meditation seems to improve people’s focus and emotional control. In fact, I have tried several ways of focusing on the important tasks, including listening to music, reading a newspaper, watching news channels for a while, doing exercise and so on. However, meditation has been proved to be the most effective way. Since I try to relax my body and mind during the meditation session, it helps me gain more positive energy to work better.

Apart from focusing your attention on the present moment, mindfulness meditation preaches accepting and letting go of negative emotions. Practising this sort of behaviour seems to improve my ability to control my emotions even when I am not meditating. It seems to make me less easily swept up in the ups and downs of the present.


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