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Describe your favorite movie – (John Wick)

Describe your favorite movie – John Wick

You should say:
– What is it?
– What is the story of it?
– When you watched it?
And explain why this is your favorite movie.

I. Introduction

  • Briefly introduce the movie John Wick
  • Explain that it is the favorite movie of the speaker

II. Plot Summary

  • Describe the basic storyline of the movie
  • Introduce the main character, John Wick
  • Outline the inciting incident that sets the story in motion
  • Explain how the story develops and what the main conflict is

III. Personal Experience

  • Explain when the speaker watched the movie
  • Describe their initial reaction to the movie
  • Discuss how many times the speaker has watched it since then

IV. Unique Qualities

  • Highlight what sets John Wick apart from other action movies
  • Discuss the film’s exploration of deeper themes
  • Explain why the character of John Wick is complex and interesting

V. Supporting Cast

  • Introduce some of the other actors in the movie
  • Explain how they contribute to the overall quality of the film

VI. Conclusion

  • Summarize why John Wick is the speaker’s favorite movie
  • Reiterate the unique qualities that make it such a great film
  • Emphasize why the movie is a cinematic masterpiece.

Sample Answer

John Wick is my favorite movie of all time. Released in 2014, the film stars Keanu Reeves as the titular character, a retired hitman who sets out to seek vengeance on the Russian mobsters who killed his beloved dog.

The story begins with John Wick mourning the death of his wife and receiving a final gift from her, a beagle puppy named Daisy. When the son of a Russian mafia boss breaks into John’s house, steals his car and kills Daisy, John is filled with rage and vows to seek revenge. John’s search for vengeance takes him on a violent journey through New York City’s criminal underworld, where he takes on hordes of ruthless assassins with his unmatched combat skills and sheer determination.

I watched John Wick for the first time shortly after its release, and I have watched it numerous times since then. I am continually drawn to the film’s intense action scenes, which are choreographed to perfection, and Keanu Reeves’ excellent portrayal of John Wick, a man who is both deadly and empathetic. The film’s stunning cinematography and exceptional sound design also add to its appeal, making it an unforgettable cinematic experience.

What sets John Wick apart from other action movies is its unique blend of style and substance. Beneath the fast-paced action and violence, the film explores themes of loyalty, revenge, and redemption. The character of John Wick is complex and layered, and the audience is given a glimpse into his past and the reasons behind his actions.

Moreover, the film’s supporting cast, including Ian McShane and Willem Dafoe, deliver fantastic performances, elevating the movie beyond just a simple action flick. John Wick is a movie that has everything, a great story, breathtaking action, and exceptional acting, making it an instant classic.

In short, John Wick is my favorite movie because it has all the elements of a great action movie while also exploring deeper themes. Its unique blend of style and substance, combined with Keanu Reeves’ outstanding performance, makes it a cinematic masterpiece that I never tire of watching.


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