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IELTS Speaking Part 3: An old person

Topic: An old person

  1. How to take care of your grandparents? Who usually takes care of them?

Well, my grandparents are still healthy so they do not need much caretaking. But they live with my family and my parents take very good care of them. I believe the most important thing is to take care of their mental health, since old people are sometimes too sensitive. So every member in my family always tries to let them know that we love them and we will always be with them no matter how old they are.

  1. What can old people learn from the young generation and vice versa?

Well, I suppose there are plenty of things the old can teach the youth. For example, older people usually have a lot of life experience and have learnt a lot of important life lessons which they can teach younger people about. In return, young people can teach old people how to use technology. Many older people tend to live behind the times so they often have a hard time learning how to use computers, smartphones or some other tech devices so that’s one thing they can learn from the youth.

  1. If the old don’t have relatives, who will take care of them?

I think care home is a good option. It’s not safe for old people to live alone in their house, especially when they have poor health conditions or memory loss. Home care has everything they need. They will be taken care of by nurses every day and more importantly, the medical services are always ready if they have any problems. Besides, there are other old people in the care home whom they can make friends with so that they won’t be lonely and have more fun.

  1. Are the attitudes of young people today towards old people the same as they used to be years ago?

I believe that at least in Vietnam, there are not many changes in the way people treat the old. Old people are often receive good care from the younger. However, since people are better-educated, they realize that some life lessons of the old people such as not taking shower for a month after giving birth are unscientific. They no longer trust all old people’s advice as in the past. Instead, they tend to do some careful research before deciding whether they should follow the tips.

  1. What work (if any) is suitable for old people and what work is unsuitable for them?

I think teacher, speaker or financial advisor are suitable occupations for old people. These jobs do not require physical strength and besides, old people are experienced and they definitely have a lot of great things to teach and advise younger generations. Jobs as construction worker, gym coach or firefighter are obviously not for retirees because they do not have good health, endurance and strength.


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