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IELTS GT Writing Task 2: Retired People Abroad (Real Exam/Test)

This is an IELTS writing task 2 sample answer from the general training exam on the topic of people retiring abroad.

IELTS GT Writing Task 2: Retired People Abroad

Many retired people today are choosing to live in other countries.

What are the advantages of disadvantages of this?

Sample Answer :

Many elderly people today are opting to spend their retirement living abroad. In my opinion, the disadvantages to this relate to living standards in foreign countries, while the advantages are largely financial.

Those who are suspicious of this trend can point to the conditions of countries where it is possible to retire cheaply. Most of those choosing to retire abroad are moving somewhere with lower living costs, such as a developing nation. This allows them to live more comfortably with a fixed income but there are risks.The medical services are probably not as developed and they may not have insurance. This puts their lives in jeopardy in the increasingly likely event of an accident or prolonged illnessMoreover, many older people will have to adapt to lower standards than they are used to as it relates to cleanliness, transportation, and accommodation. This can result in both more mental and physical strain.

Spending one’s retirement abroad is nonetheless a positive because of the financial incentives.Many people today retire with meagre savings and little support from the government, depending on their nationality. If they do not have family to live with, they face the prospect of living in poverty or just above subsistence in their final years. By moving abroad, their money will stretch much further and allow them to feel peace of mind.In the countries where most choose to retire, the costs of living are considerably cheaper due to reduced rents and lower food costs. This might even allow older people to set aside money so that they can travel or leave an inheritance to their relations.

In conclusion, the financial gains from residing abroad during retirement outweigh concerns about living conditions. Before making this decision it is important for each retired individual to weigh a number of factors pertaining to quality of life, finances, family and culture.

Retired People Abroad: Vocabulary

  • opting choosing
  • living abroad residing in another country
  • living standards how well people live
  • largely financial mostly related to money
  • suspicious questionable
  • trend pattern/development
  • point to argue
  • conditions the present state of
  • retire stop working, usually in one’s 60s
  • lower living costs less money to spend on rent, food, etc.
  • developing nation poor country
  • comfortably easily
  • fixed income no change in salary/money earned
  • risks dangers
  • medical services hospitals
  • insurance money in case of an accident or illness
  • puts their lives in jeopardy their life is at risk
  • increasingly likely event more and more probably will happen
  • prolonged illness chronic sickness
  • moreover furthermore
  • adapt conform to
  • as it relates to involving
  • this can result in the impact will be
  • mental and physical strain pressure
  • financial incentives money reasons
  • meagre savings not a lot of money
  • depending on their nationality regarding the country they are from
  • face the prospect have to deal with the chances of
  • poverty very poor
  • just above subsistence barely surviving
  • stretch much further hold out longer
  • feel peace of mind calm, security
  • considerably cheaper a lot less money
  • reduced rents paying less for your home
  • set aside money save money
  • leave an inheritance have savings for others after you die
  • financial gains money saved
  • residing abroad living in another country
  • concerns worries
  • weigh a number of factors consider many elements
  • pertaining to related to

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