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IELTS Speaking BAND 8 Topic (An interesting song)

Describe an interesting song you like

You should say:

  •  What it is
  •  Which country the song comes from
  •  What story the song tells
    And explain why you think it is interesting.

Band 8 Sample

One of my favorite songs is “Bonjour Vietnam”, a song composed and sung by Pham Quynh Anh – A French woman with Vietnamese origins. Though this song was released years ago, I still keep it in my “favorite” playlist on my phone.

I first came across this song when it was discussed all over the media during my secondary school years. You see, it’s really rare for such a beautiful song to be written about Vietnam, or the Vietnamese identity for that matter. It’s about a Vietnamese expat desperately wanting to learn more about her Vietnamese roots. She also wanted to go to Vietnam someday to know for herself whether it was like what her parents and the media portrayed or not.

To be honest, the first time I heard this song, I didn’t understand a word but I was hooked by the gentle melody and the silky voice of the singer. I was later motivated to learn French to know the exact meaning of the lyrics. When I understood, it was all the more beautiful. I realized there was still so much more to discover and love about my country. You could say my love for the beauty of Vietnam was rekindled.

I really wish more quality songs like this can be produced in the future instead of the meaningless ones that young generations are so obsessed with.

Vocabulary highlights:

  • To compose: to write music
  • An expat: a person living outside their own country
  • To portray: to describe something or somebody
  • To be hooked: to enjoy something very much



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