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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Artificial intelligence

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Artificial intelligence

1. Are you interested in robots?

  • Yeah, my love for robots stems from the fact that I’m a sci-fi fan. My favourite robots on the widescreen are C-3PO of the Star Wars franchise and Lieutenant Commander Data of Star Trek.
  • Yes, absolutely! Robotics engineering is a field I take a keen interest in. I have actually subscribed to a journal entirely dedicated to robots called “The Robot Workshop”. The other day I read a really interesting article about how robots can be used to perform surgeries.

2. Do you like robots to work in your home?

  • They already have. My parents bought a pair of automated vacuum robots. Sure, they don’t have that humanoid look, but they can clean very well and save us a lot of time. So yes, I like that.
  • I think that’s a brilliant idea. I’m quite lazy, so household chores like cleaning or cooking are a real hassle. I would prefer to have those done by a robot. Actually, we have a robotic vacuum cleaner at our house. It’s truly a life-saver.

3. Do you want to take a car in which a robot is the driver?

  • For me, the answer is simple, yes. I’m not great at driving and I feel like robots would do a better job. It will save me time and overall be safer.
  • Well you know nowadays, self-driving cars are certainly not a strange topic anymore. A.I. has gotten more sophisticated, and it’s more than capable of navigating addresses and controlling a vehicle. However, I gotta say I don’t really feel comfortable letting robots take the wheel. I think they are not 100 percent reliable, and may not handle dangerous situations like a slippery road as well as a human driver does. So for now I still prefer to drive manually.

4. Will robots replace human beings in the workplace completely?

  • I don’t see that happening as for many of us, working gives us purposes. So even if we reach a point when all labours can be done by robots, there will still be human workers. 
  • Well, these days human labor is being marginalized by automation in the workplace, especially in manufacturing. Labor-intensive tasks can be done by machines with ease and precision. However, there are always things that require the delicate touch of a human hand. For example, a hand-made shirt always has more soul than a machine-made one.


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