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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Dancing – Smile

IELTS Speaking Part 1:

1. Dancing

Do you like dancing?

I don’t know much about dancing, to be honest. I think it is a challenging skill to master. Some of the dancers that I know told me that they have to practice at a young age, and one must have innate talent to be able to dance.

Why do some people like dancing?

It depends. Some people are passionate about dancing. For example, one of my friends said that she can fully express herself while dancing. Others might spend a lot of time learning how to dance to socialize when they meet new people since having a talent usually leaves a good first impression.

Do you like to watch other people dance?

Yes. Watching dancers naturally move their bodies to the beat and rhythm is always fascinating. Some of my favorite types of dancing are modern dance and hip-hop.

2. Smile

When do people smile to each other?

There are hundreds of moments that can give somebody a smile, like when you receive a “thank you” from someone, watch a funny video, or to create a good impression. The last time I smiled was when I saw a random cat video on Facebook yesterday.

Do you smile when people take a photo of you?

Normally yes. I consider myself a photogenic person, so I’m not afraid to smile as bright as possible whenever a camera is pointed at me. I think the key to having a beautiful smile is confidence in your appearance no matter what.

Can you feel it when someone’s smile is fake?

Sometimes. I remember watching Mark Zuckerberg giving a speech and notice his ingenuine smile because his smile always ended abruptly. I guess that’s one way to identify a fake smile.


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