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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Job

1. Why did you choose that job?

Frankly speaking, my major at university had nothing to do with what I’m doing at the moment. I selected this job mainly because it suits my personality as a sociable and friendly person. Besides, my boss offered me a high salary.

2. Do you enjoy your job?

Despite its heavy workload and strict requirements, I still find it satisfying since it facilitates me in the process of my self-development. I have experienced a great transformation in myself ever since I got this job.

3. Do you get on well with your co-workers?

Well, I guess the answer is yes. This is because we have a lot of things in common. You know, we are nearly the same age as each other and are all crazy about board games and travelling.

4. What was your first day at work like?

Well, I have been working there for more than 2 years, so it’s quite difficult for me to remember clearly my first day at work, but from my vague memory, it was fantastic since my colleagues were really nice to get along with and the students were pretty bright.

5. What responsibilities do you have at work?

As a teacher, I’m in charge of teaching English for a group of around ten pupils and making sure that they reach their target band scores by the end of the course. I also work in a team with other co-workers to design the material for our courses.

6. Would you like to change your job in the future?

As I said before, I’m very satisfied with my job, so I guess in the future I will still stick with it. Right now, I’m doing a master’s degree in teaching, which I think will assist my career a lot. So, you see, there is no reason for me to quit.

7. What is your typical day like at work?

Well, normally my work day won’t start until the afternoon since I often have to attend my own classes at university in the morning. My first class lasts for 2 hours, from 2 to 4 pm and then I have a two – hour break before having another class at 6:30 and finally get everything done at around 9 pm. To be honest, I find this schedule quite exhausting but I can still handle it.


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