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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Plants & Gardening

Plants & Gardening” is one of the very popular topics in daily life. Besides, this topic is also one of the familiar topics in the IELTS Speaking Part 1 test.

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Plants & Gardening

1. Is it common for people to have gardens in your country?

I believe it all depends on which area you are residing in. In the countryside, every house is surrounded by a garden and the locals grow a lot of fruit trees or vegetables. But in urban areas, due to the dense population, few houses have gardens. Urban people grow vegetables in pots placed on balconies or terraces. Sometimes their so-called garden is just a collection of artificial hanging plants.

2. Which plants are important to the economy in your country?

Rice plays a vital role in the daily life of people in my country because it’s our main food. In addition, my country is one of the largest rice exporters in the world, therefore, economy depends quite a lot on this plant. The rice fields are the symbol of the village, and they can be found in any rural area in my country, I believe.

3. Is gardening popular in your country? 

Yes, it is. I think it is one of the most popular pastime activities in my country. I thought gardening is only popular with older generations in my country. But now young people are becoming increasingly fanatical about horticulture. Maybe this trend is related to the fact that more people are aware of the benefits of consuming organic food while buying those things is very expensive. It’s also a good way to get away from computer screens and other devices and help us let our hair down.

4. In your opinion, why is it important to grow plants? 

As far as I’m concerned, as humans, we need to grow plants to survive on our planet. From an environmental perspective, plants can purify the air and provide shade. Not only that, growing a plant, watering it daily, and ensuring it stays healthy help us learn how to be caring, be patient, and feel a sense of relaxation.

5. Have you ever received a plant as a gift?

I’ve never received a plant as a gift in my whole life. My family and friends read me like a book, and they acknowledge that I’m not the type of guy who has green fingers. To be honest, I usually only get common gifts like clothes, shoes, or watches. However, if I were given a plant, I’d be thrilled and grateful.


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