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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Topic Major

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic “Major” often appears in IELTS Speaking Part 1. This is not a tough topic, but to be able to answer this part correctly, you need a good vocabulary and the ability to develop natural ideas.

1. What is your major?

I’m studying computer science at Hunan University. It’s an undergraduate major, and it usually takes four years to gain the degree. I feel happy being enrolled in this program because coding is one thing I’m passionate about. Plus, I think I have a knack for it since my math is good.

2. Do you like your major?

Yes, I do like my major. But you know… there will always be parts you like and parts you don’t like. For example, the field training is very interesting, but the theoretical courses are about as fun as watching paint dry because some abstract concepts are quite difficult to understand.

3. What is your plan after finishing school?

It’s hard to say right now. Everything feels like it’s up in the air. But after I graduate from school, I’d like to have a job that’s somehow related to my major. You know, it’s cool to apply what you’ve learned at college in the real world. I’m not sure what kind of job I want to have, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon.

4. Do you like the courses of your major?

Yes, I do like most courses in my curriculum, especially the ones related to programming. Taking one of my favorites, Java Programming, as an example, the knowledge I learned in the lectures is not only theoretical but also very practical in real life.

5. Why did you choose to study that (major)?

Well, as for the reasons why I decided to study computer science, I think the main one is that I have lots of passion for that field. I never feel bored and I always enjoy studying and researching things about it, and I’ve noticed that since I was still in high school. So, I told myself that if I went to a college, I would take computer science as my major.

6. Will you continue doing what you’re studying in the future?

Yes, I will. It’s mainly because I have a lot of passion for computer science and Web development. I don’t think I will be bored if I make a living off of it. Plus, the income level of specialists in this field is also higher than average, so I can have a comfortable life by working as a programmer.

Vocab Highlights

major /ˈmeɪdʒər/ (n): the main subject or course of a student at college or university

have a knack for sth: to be exceptionally proficient at (doing) something

watch paint dry: used to refer to an activity that you consider extremely boring

It’s up in the air: If a matter is up in the air, it is uncertain, often because other matters have to be decided first.

make a living off of/out of sth: to earn money from something


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