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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Topic Sports

1. What kind of sport do you like to do in the university?

Well the sport I played the most at college was table tennis, and honestly, it’s a sport everyone can play. My friends and I all enjoyed playing it at the gym when we were free. Not to blow my own horn, but I really have a knack for playing table tennis. My friends could barely defeat me when we played a game

2. Do you like sports?

Personally, I don’t really like sports. It’s probably because I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to understanding all the rules. And… I’m also not an athletic person; honestly, I’m more of a couch potato. I prefer reading books or playing board games rather than watching or playing sports.

3. What kinds of sports are popular in China?

When it comes to a popular sport in China, table tennis is without a doubt number one. I think the main reason is that table tennis is very easy to learn and has no age or gender barriers, so basically everyone can play it. Plus, China has a culture of table tennis, as our national table tennis team was rarely defeated at the Olympics.

4. Who is your favorite sportsman? / Who’s the most popular sportsman in your country?

Speaking of my favorite athlete, the first one that comes to mind is Sun Yang. He’s the best swimmer in China and also a multiple Olympic gold medallist. I heard he just swept up four gold medals in the Asian games a month ago, which made fans like me over the moon as well.

5. Do you want to take a part in Olympics? / If you have a chance to take a part in Olympics, will you want to join it?

Well, sports really aren’t my cup of tea, so I’m not a very athletic person . But I really love swimming. So I guess I would join the Olympics for the swimming competition if I ever had the chance. It would be awesome to represent my country.


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