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IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Topic Summer 

Topic Summer is a familiar and basic topic in the IELTS Speaking test.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Summer topics in IELTS Speaking Part 1

IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Topic Summer

1. Is summer your favourite time of year?

Yes, summer is definitely my favourite time of year. During the sweltering summer days, I always reminisce about my childhood summer camp experiences. Those days, I would eagerly pack my bags with essentials like sunscreen and flip-flops, ready to embark on exciting adventures. Summer camp provided the perfect escape from the heatwave, as we would spend our days participating in engaging activities and making lifelong friends. Whether it was swimming in the lake, hiking through the woods, or roasting marshmallows by the campfire, every moment was filled with laughter and pure joy.

2. What do you do in summer when the weather’s very hot?

In the scorching heat of summer, there are two things I love to do: embrace a staycation and slip into my comfortable flip-flops. Instead of venturing out in the sweltering heatwave, I prefer to plan a relaxing staycation at home. I enjoy lounging by the pool, sipping on refreshing drinks, and indulging in my favourite summer reads. The staycation allows me to recharge and rejuvenate without the hustle and bustle of a vacation.

3. Do you go on holiday every summer?

No, I don’t go on vacation every summer, but I do enjoy a staycation and indulging in some sunbathing. Instead of traveling to a different location, I chose to have a relaxing staycation at home. I take advantage of the sweltering heatwave by spending time outdoors, wearing my comfortable flip-flops, and basking in the sun’s rays. Of course, I always make sure to apply sunscreen to protect my skin while enjoying some quality sunbathing time. Staycations and sunbathing allow me to recharge and enjoy the summer season without the need to travel far.

4. Did you enjoy the summer holidays when you were at school?

Yes, when I was at school, especially when I had the opportunity to go to summer camp and spend time as a beachgoer. Summer camp was always an exciting adventure filled with outdoor activities, friendships, and new experiences. I cherished the days of exploring nature trails, participating in team sports, and making lifelong memories. Additionally, as a beachgoer, I would pack my flip-flops, sunscreen, and beach essentials to spend sunny days by the sea.


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