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IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Topic Walking

Topic Walking

  1. Do you walk a lot?

→ I’m afraid not. I normally travel around by my motorbike since my workplace and my school are not really near my house. Though I know walking regularly can do wonders for our health, I am still too lazy to step out of my house and go for a walk.

→ Yes I do as it’s part of my daily routine every morning and afternoon. My workplace is just a stone’s throw from my house so I have to go there on foot every day. Well, I like it since I can exercise everyday and this helps me keep fit.

→ Not a lot because I drive my car or take the subway whenever I go out for work or leisure. I don’t have a lot of chances to walk except when my friends invite me for hiking or when I go to the park. I know how beneficial walking is, however, life in the suburb where I live is pretty convenient – we have advanced transportation system and most residents rely on using their private cars.

  1. Do you think people often take more than in the past?

→ I don’t think so. There are tons of different means of transport to assist people in travelling these days, so there is no point in walking anywhere. That’s not to mention people nowadays have such a tight schedule that they hardly have any leisure time for such physical activity.

→ Yes absolutely! After I was diagnosed with having some cardiovascular disease, my doctor recommended me to do some brisk walking every now and again. When I learned that I could die from cardiac arrest for having a sedentary lifestyle, I started to exercise. That was the turning point of my life! Walking is the kind of exercise that I regularly do now and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

→ Unfortunately not, I’m always behind the wheels whenever I go to work or run some errands. Honestly, I’m a very busy person so I’m always for convenience, I find walking as one of the inconveniences in my busy life, besides, walking isn’t common in my town since most people are dependent on using their cars. 

  1. Do you think people will take a walk more often or not?

→ Probably no. Like I have said, unless people learn to balance between work and life , it would be hard for them to spare any time for walking. Besides, people nowadays would prefer staying indoors and going to the gym than going for a walk.

  1. Do you think people will walk more in the future?

→ I doubt it! Considering the advancement of technology and more high-tech-related innovations coming, people will be more reliant on cars or any advanced means of transportation. I believe in the years to come, people will want more convenience than now, so walking will be the last thing they want to do in the midst of technological advancement.

  1. Where do you usually take a walk?

Well, there’s one decent park which is just a short distance from my house that I love visiting whenever I want to breathe fresh air. I enjoy walking around that park, especially when I’m exhausted or stressed out from work because the surroundings put me at ease. There’s a lake that wild ducks and swans enjoy fluttering their wings and that entertains me. Also, there are some massive pine trees that make the atmosphere around the park cool. Because of that, park-goers feel comfortable walking.


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