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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Topic Watches

In IELTS Speaking Part 1, one potential topic could be about watches, where you may be asked questions about your personal preferences, the popularity of watches, or the value of watches as a gift idea.

Sample Question/Answer

Q1. Do you wear a watch?

  • No, I don’t wear a watch because I usually check the time on my phone.
  • Yes, but sometimes. I usually wear a watch when I hang out with my friends because watches are versatile style accessories that can help me to look more stylish. You know, we can check the time using our phones nowadays, which is more convenient so I think wearing a watch is no longer necessary.

Q2. What was the first watch you like?

It was an electronic watch made by Casio – a brand from Japan. Back then I was only a little kid, both boys and girls around my age were crazy about this brand.

Q3. What kind of watch do you like to wear?

I don’t have a preference for a specific type of watch, but I appreciate a watch that looks stylish and feels comfortable on my wrist.

Q4. Do you think watches are becoming less popular because of smartphones?

Yes, I believe smartphones have replaced the need for a watch for many people. However, some individuals still prefer to wear watches as a fashion statement or for practical purposes.

Q5. Do you think watches are a good gift idea?

Yes, watches can make a great gift idea for special occasions like birthdays, graduations, or anniversaries. They can be a timeless and functional present that the recipient can cherish for years.

Q6. What is the most expensive watch you have seen?

I can’t recall a specific watch that I’ve seen, but I know that some luxury watches can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Q7. Do you think people will still wear watches in the future?

It’s difficult to predict the future, but I think there will always be a market for watches. Some people will continue to wear watches for style, while others may prefer them for practical reasons or as a sentimental accessory.

Q8. What do you think of smartwatches?

I think smartwatches are an innovative and convenient technology that allows people to stay connected and track their health and fitness. However, I personally don’t wear one because I prefer the look of a traditional watch.

Q9. Have you ever got a watch as a gift?

Yes, I have. My boyfriend bought me a watch on my 22nd birthday and it is an analog watch with a brown leather band. To be honest, it usually takes me a few seconds to read an analog watch so I much prefer a digital watch. However, that watch really has sentimental value to me.

Q10. Why do some people wear expensive watches?

Well, I think there are several reasons why people wear exorbitant timepieces. Some people just want to show off their wealth, they want to prove that they can afford luxury items while some people are really passionate about watches, and therefore watch collecting may be their hobby.

Q11: What kind of watch do you think is appropriate for formal occasions?

For formal occasions, I think a classic and elegant dress watch would be appropriate. This type of watch usually has a simple design with a leather or metal strap, and a thin case that can easily fit under a dress shirt cuff. A dress watch can add a touch of sophistication and class to a formal outfit, without being too flashy or distracting. However, the specific type of watch that is appropriate may depend on the dress code and cultural expectations of the event or occasion.


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