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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Topic websites

Topic “websites” often appears in IELTS Speaking Part 1.  Here are sample answers to this topic. 

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Websites

1. What kinds of websites do you often visit?

Well, websites about food and wildlife are my favorite sites. I love cooking, I can find great recipes to make a perfect meal for my family. Also, I am a member of animal protection group, I will search for some latest news related to that field.

2. What is your favourite website?

Chinese National Geography for sure. I am a big fan of it, I often go to their official website to see some useful information and I like to spend time in watching those amazing videos.

3. Are there any changes to the websites you often visit?

I’m not sure, but according to what I see, there’s a huge difference on the layout of webpage between the past and the present. It’s much more colorful, with clear fonts and pictures. Descriptions are shorter than before, an entire paragraph of information will no longer be on a page.

4. What kinds of websites are popular in your country?

Well, it varies. It’s easy for us to find what preferences we have on the Internet. Kids like cartoons or video games, young adults prefer vlogs or pets, while the elderly tend to see contents more about nature or peaceful things.

5. What kind of social networking websites do you like to use?

I mostly use the Facebook website for social networking. These days all the social networking sites have an app that we can install and use on our phones, so I don’t usually visit the websites. I use my cellphone apps.

6. Are you a social person?

I am not a very social person. However, I have a good social circle of friends. I like to meet them at least once every two months.

7. What kinds of people do you like to be friends with on those websites?

On those websites, I only have friends whom I already know or whom I know through someone. I do not make new friends on such websites.

8. Is it easy to find real friends on a social networking website?

No, it is not at all easy to find real friends on social networking websites. People make fake IDs, with fake information and dupe people.


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