IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Trust – Eating

IELTS Speaking Part 1

1. Trust

  • Who do you trust the most?
    → Absolutely my mother. She was my very first best friend in life and always has my back and keeps my secrets. Throughout the ups and downs of my life, my mother has always stood by my side, and given me support whenever I have been in need.
  • Have you ever lost trust in someone?
    → Yes, my best friend, Jack who used to be my closest confidant until I saw him getting intimate with my crush, even though he knew that had deep affection for her. Then, we drifted apart and our friendship came to a halt. After that, frustrating and unpleasant memories about a bad friend in the past obsess me whenever somebody strikes up a conversation with me.
  • What kind of people do you trust?
    → I guess only our family members are trustworthy and willing to help us wholeheartedly. After being betrayed by my best friend, I can hardly put faith in anybody else. I am afraid that when I confide in someone, he or she may share my secrets with others.

2. Eating

  • Do you eat a lot?
    → No, I’m trying to maintain a healthy diet. As a person who is prone to weight gain, I have to refrain myself from eating my favorite foods, especially after 7PM. In the past, I used to be an obese person with an insatiable appetite for food, so I avoid eating too much now.
  • Do you like eating healthy food?
    → I love it. Healthy food like veggies or fruits is highly beneficial to my health as it helps me to stay physically fit and avoid cardiovascular diseases. Besides, this kind of food is scrumptious when used as ingredients for mouth-watering salads.
  • Do you eat out a lot?
    → No, I am wary of the sanitary conditions of most food establishments in my neighborhood, so I always try to arrange my time to prepare my own meals. I believe my homemade dishes, despite not being tasty, are way more hygienic than those served in restaurants.
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