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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Volunteer

1. Why do you think people volunteer?

I believe each person has his or her own motives when signing up for voluntary work. Some want to offer their help to people that are less fortunate in life, while others just look for memorable experiences. Oddly enough, some individuals volunteer to earn certificates as a way of polishing their CVs, so they would have a better chance of being accepted when applying for jobs or scholarships.

2. Would you like to work as a volunteer?

Currently, I don’t. I’m too busy finding out a way to balance my life and my work, so if there is an occasion when I have time for myself, I’d rather use that time on entertainment activities rather than some other kind of work.

3. Have you ever done any voluntary work?

No, I haven’t. As I said earlier, all those work-life things pretty much occupy my mind, so I have never considered volunteering as a way of spending my days in the past.

4. Is volunteering worth the time it takes?

I think it depends on your schedule. If you have a lot of spare time, then signing up for voluntary work is a good idea since you can easily broaden your social circle and have a great time helping out other people. On the other hand, if your work costs a lot of time and is causing you troubles, then you’d better focus on that aspect before thinking about volunteering.

5. What could you do to help if you had no money?

There’s plenty of things you could do. For example, donating clothing or serving free food in a soup kitchen are great ways to help out people in need. Or else, you can sign up for a volunteering program in need of manpower.

6. What situations need voluntary workers?

Well, in my country, when a charity organization needs manpower to distribute supplies of food and clothes to people in disaster areas, they would recruit volunteers. Or else, places like a soup kitchen where poor people come to get free food always need voluntary workers to keep things in order.

7. Can you think of different types of voluntary work?

No, sorry. Nothing comes to mind right now. I guess that’s because I lack real-life experience in doing voluntary work so I don’t have an in-depth understanding about this aspect.

8. Would you volunteer to help people outside your community?

I think I would. Some of my friends, who do voluntary work regularly, told me that they always had an immense feeling of satisfaction after contributing to something that a lot of people can benefit from. So, if people need help, no matter where they are, I would like to lend them a hand.

9. Have you read a book about voluntary work?

No, I haven’t. In all honesty, I don’t even know that kind of book actually exists until you asked me. I suppose they are about fascinating experiences that the authors had when they did voluntary work, which sounds pretty intriguing to me. So, I think I might try check one out after I leave this room.

10. What types of voluntary work would be unpleasant for you?

I think I don’t like doing anything I have not been fully trained to do. There were a few times in the past when I was thrown into group activities with no preparation, and then the leaders didn’t show up and suddenly I was in charge, with no real training or help.
Those situations brought me terrible feelings.

11. What benefits other than personal satisfaction could you personally get by volunteering?

First of all, volunteering can give you tons of valuable work experience and, in some cases, open doors for potential employment. Moreover, you will get to work with other people outside your usual sphere of contacts. This, in turn, allows you to expand your social circle, which, in my opinion, will greatly benefit your life in the future.


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