IELTS Speaking Part 3: 50 Practice Questions

Let’s face it, nobody looks forward to IELTS Speaking Part 3! Giving your opinion on quite unfamiliar topics is a challenge, even for a native speaker.

Hints for IELTS Speaking Part 3

Hint #1: Your opinions aren’t important. How you respond is. That means you should focus your preparation on key phrases and strategies to handle difficult issues. 

Hint #2: The examiner isn’t interested in knowing your opinion, only your English ability. If you have no opinion, try to talk about other people’s opinion on the subject instead.

Hint #3: Hesitations are very bad for your IELTS Speaking score. Use filler expressions to avoid any long silences.

Topic #1: Role models

  • Which type of people are respected most in your society?
  • Do you agree with this situation?
  • What happens when young people lack good role models?
  • What standards of behaviour should teachers set?
  • Do you agree that you should never meet your heroes?

Topic #2: Travel and transport

  • How easy is it to travel around your country?
  • Which method of travel do you consider safest?
  • Has travel become safer in recent years?
  • What are the pros and cons of low-cost air travel?
  • How do you think people will travel in the future?

Topic #3: Universities

  • Is higher education too expensive in your country?
  • Should all students pay for their university education?
  • What advantages do universities bring to society?
  • Which is more important, research or teaching?
  • How should students spend their summer vacations?

Topic #4: Sports and competition

  • Why are some sports fans so passionate?
  • Is there any violence at sporting events in your country?
  • Should athletes be better role models?
  • What benefits do international sporting events bring?
  • Is it important for a country to win lots of medals?

Topic #5: Leadership and politics

  • Do you think people are born to be leaders?
  • Can leadership skills be taught?
  • Why are elected politicians often so unpopular?
  • What should a leader do to remain popular?
  • Do you think unelected heads of state are a good idea?

Topic #6: Life experience

  • Do you agree that we learn best from our mistakes?
  • What’s the best way to gain experience in life?
  • Can we gain life experience from books and movies?
  • Which is more important, experience or potential?
  • What experience do you wish you’d gained?

Topic #7: Retirement and old age

  • At what age should people retire from work?
  • What problems can people face after retirement?
  • How important are retirees to your country’s economy?
  • When should you start saving for retirement?
  • Why do some companies encourage early retirement?

Topic #8: Photography and the image

  • Is it easy to take good photographs?
  • What are the pros and cons of digital photography?
  • Should people share their photographs online?
  • When can an image be worth a thousand words?
  • Is a photograph a reliable form of identification?

Topic #9: Inventions and copyright

  • Which invention has transformed your country most?
  • Would you like to be an inventor?
  • How long should someone be able to profit from an idea?
  • Do you think intellectual property laws are too strict?
  • Should all medicines be free to manufacture?

Topic #10: The internet and social media

  • Which websites are popular among your generation?
  • Is using the internet a social or solitary activity?
  • How has the internet changed social behaviour?
  • Should companies check job applicants’ online profiles?
  • What will be the next big development online?

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