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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Life experience

Topic: Life experience

1. Do you agree that we learn best from our mistakes?

Answer:  People say that the mistakes we make are our best teachers because they can teach us many things. In fact, some of the most important life lessons, we would ever learn, will be from our mistakes or bad decisions. So, I do agree with the suggestion that we learn best from our mistakes, only if we choose to learn from them, by not committing the same mistakes in the future. However, whether we learn best from our mistakes or not depends a lot on how much damage is inflicted upon us. If we are made to “pay” very little or nothing for our mistakes, the chances are that we will never learn from our mistakes.

2. What’s the best way to gain experience in life?

Answer:  Well, in my opinion, the best way to gain experience is to do some experimentations, and take some calculated risks and random decisions even when we know that we would probably “fail” in some real-life situations. And, as we make those little experimentations or make random decisions, we can reflect on the outcomes or experiences, whether we fail or succeed, so that when we face the same kinds of situation in the future, we exactly know from our previous experiences as to what kinds of adjustment are needed, if any at all, in order to get the best possible results. If we never try, we will never know what we are good at and without trying we can never gain any experience. 

3. Can we gain life experience from books and movies? Why/ Why not?

Answer:  No, we can’t really gain life experiences from books and movies mainly because one actually has to live through real-life situations in order to gain experience. No doubt that books and movies can present some real stories and experiences of individuals in a very rational and realistic manner except, of course, the problem is each and every person in this world is different with different mindsets, skills, abilities and talents. Therefore, just because one individual experiences something in a certain situation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that another person will experience the same thing in the same manner.

4. Which is more important, experience or potential? Why?

Answer:  I would say that “experience” is more important than “potential” at any time of the day. Having experience usually means that a person has the proven track records of getting things done. Having experience, more often than not, makes somebody confident about doing something very challenging in adverse condition. Besides, having experiences helps somebody to make wise decisions, especially when facing difficult choices. Finally, experience makes someone mature and respected, and as a result, others around him feel confident enough to follow his lead. On the contrary, “potential” of a person is often unexplored and untested unless a really good mentor or our confidence bring it to work.

5. What experience do you wish you had gained? Wh do you think so?

Answer:  Well, I am lucky that I really have some great experiences in my life, but more is always better. Isn’t it? So, sometimes, I really wish that I had the experience of travelling at least two to three countries from each continent in order to experience what this beautiful world has in store for us. Besides, I also want to be able to write on my own travel experiences as well in my own website, which I am planning to launch in near future, in addition to the experiences of other travellers in my country. Besides, I wish I were able to write the way some good writers can tell their stories. 

6. Why do some people fail to learn from their experience?

Answer:   Some people fail to learn from their experience probably because they are too arrogant to understand they can also learn something, well, from “anything” or “anybody”. Then, there are some other people who fail to learn from their experiences because the experiences are probably too “embarrassing” for them sometimes, and as a result, they just don’t like to remember any part of it. Finally, some people don’t learn from their experiences because they like to “justify” them, no matter how “undesirable” the experiences really are, by essentially blaming the others for their own experiences and fate.


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