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IELTS Speaking Part 3: People

Topic : People

  1. What kinds of jobs need people to work in a team?

Teamwork is crucial for people working as firefighters, construction workers, policemen and so on. These kinds of jobs can’t be done by only one person because each member has an essential part in the tasks and they need to support each other in order to accomplish their missions.

  1. What can parents do with their children to make them happy?

Well, children are innocent angels so I believe they need nothing more than quality time with their parents, some sweets and toys. Today, a lot of parents are so busy with their work that sometimes they let their children play with computers or a babysitter. But I believe kids will be over the moon if they are pampered by their parents and listen to their bedtime stories and have a kiss on their cheek before sleep.

  1. How can children improve their social skills?

I think the best way to enhance children’s social skills is to encourage them to talk and be confident even when they are in a new environment. Some children are scared and shy when their parents are not around. But if parents let them make new friends and let them play teamwork games such as soccer or rope jumping, they will be braver and have better communication skills.

  1. What are the benefits of boys and girls playing together?

When boys and girls play together, they can develop cooperation, I suppose. While boys are stronger and faster, girls tend to be more adroit and calm. So they support each other well when they play and they also can learn from each other. Besides, letting boys and girls play together since they are little will decrease sex discrimination. When these boys or girls grow up, they understand that their counterparts have their own talents and they deserve to be treated equally.


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