IELTS Speaking Part 3: Planning

Topic : Planning

  1. Is it important to have a daily plan?

Definitely. Writing down things that need to be done will help people not be lost. Everyone, especially those who do more than 1 job at the same time, have a lot of tasks to finish, appointments and goals. A daily plan helps us to remember what has to be done in a day and get everything organized. Especially, when having a clear daily routine, you will be unlikely to forget an appointment with someone.

  1. What kind of things do people need to plan carefully?

I think that’s their long-term goals. It’s not easy at all to get a dream come true so people have to carefully plan the shorter-term targets and the steps to achieve it. If people don’t spend enough time and effort on this, they may get lost on their way to success and unable to make it.

  1. Is there anything that can’t be planned?

Of course! There are a lot of unexpected things that can occur in our life. Planning day-to-day activities is easy, but who knows what will come up in the middle. Just imagine on a typical working day when you are walking home at night, some strangers follow you and that’s something which is definitely never on your daily plan.

  1. Do you think it is important to have a work-life balance?

Undoubtedly. Separating personal and professional lives helps people maintain both their mental and physical health. They are likely to have less stress and will be full of energy to work effectively and increase their creativity.

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