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IELTS Speaking Practice: Technology

In this post, we discuss IELTS speaking topic “Technology ” with sample questions/answers.


Speaking Part 1:

  • Are you happy to be the age you are now?
  • When you were a child, did you think a lot about your future?
  • Do you think you have changed as you have got older?
  • What will be different about your life in the future?

Speaking Part 2

Describe a time when you started using a new technological device (e.g. a new computer or phone)

You should say :

  • What device you started using
  • Why you started using this device
  • How easy or difficult it was to use
  • And explain how helpful this device was to you.

Sample Answer

Speaking Part 3: Follow-up Questions

Technology and Education

  • What is the best age for children to start computer lessons?
  • Do you think that schools should use more technology to help children learn?
  • Do you agree or disagree that computers will replace teachers one day?

Technology and Society

  • How much has technology improved how we communicate with each other?
  • Do you agree that there are still many more major technological innovations to be made?
  • Could you suggest some reasons why some people are deciding to reduce their use of technology?


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