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Describe a time that something changed your life

Describe a time that something changed your life” belongs to the topic group “Describe an experience” and is a topic that often appears in Part 2 of IELTS Speaking. The article below will give you sample answers for speaking part 2 and part 3.

You should say:

  • When and where it happened
  • What happened
  • How you felt about it

and explain how it changed your life in good ways

Sample Answer

Well, I can think of a moment that truly changed my life in a profoundly positive way. It happened a few years ago when I decided to volunteer at a local animal shelter in my hometown.

This transformative experience took place in the summer, at a small animal shelter located on the outskirts of our town. What happened was that I started volunteering there as a way to give back to the community and spend my free time productively. Little did I know that this decision would have such a profound impact on my life.

When I first walked into the shelter, I was greeted by a cacophony of barks, meows, and other animal sounds. The sight of so many animals in need of care was overwhelming. I began by helping with the daily chores like cleaning cages, feeding, and walking the dogs. As time went on, I got more involved in the rehabilitation and adoption processes.

The initial feelings I had were a mixture of compassion, sadness, and sometimes helplessness. Seeing abandoned and mistreated animals was heart-wrenching, but as I spent more time with them, I felt a growing sense of purpose and fulfillment. The gratitude in the eyes of the animals when they received care and affection was incredibly rewarding.

This experience transformed my life in several positive ways. Firstly, it deepened my sense of empathy and compassion, not only towards animals but also towards people. I started appreciating the importance of giving back to the community and supporting those in need. Secondly, it changed my career path. Inspired by my volunteer work, I decided to pursue a career in animal welfare and advocacy, which I find incredibly fulfilling. Lastly, it introduced me to a wonderful community of fellow volunteers who share my passion for making a difference.

And that’s all I wanna share. Thanks for listening!

Follow Question Part 3 – Changes in life

1. Why do some people quit and change jobs?

People may quit and change jobs for various reasons, including seeking better career opportunities, improved work-life balance, dissatisfaction with their current role or company culture, or a desire for personal growth and development. Changes in life circumstances or goals can also prompt job changes.

2. Who can adapt better to changes, children or adults?

Both children and adults have the capacity to adapt to changes, but the ease of adaptation can vary. Children often display more flexibility and adaptability due to their developing brains and fewer preconceived notions. However, adults bring experience and problem-solving skills that can aid in adapting to complex changes. Ultimately, adaptability depends on individual circumstances and personality.

3. When things like getting married or moving home happen, what kinds of things would you consider?

When major life events like marriage or moving occur, people consider various factors. These include financial stability, location, family needs, job opportunities, cultural and social considerations, and the impact on personal relationships and lifestyle. Decision-making often involves a careful balance of these factors.

4. What are the disadvantages when people keep making changes?

Continuously making changes can have downsides. It may lead to instability, making it difficult to establish long-term commitments or relationships. Frequent changes can also be emotionally draining and hinder the development of expertise in a specific area. Striking a balance between change and stability is often important for personal growth and well-being.


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