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IELTS Speaking – Time Management

Speaking Part 2

Describe your approach to time management

You should say:

  • Why you take time management seriously
  • How you manage your time
  • What problems you face

Sample answer :

Time management is essential. It helps me maximise my daily productivity while leaving time out to rest. Everyone should incorporate some element of time management into their lives if they want to be successful.

Furthermore, it is really not that hard. Here’s how I do it. Every evening, I make a to-do list of the tasks to accomplish the next day. I arrange them in order of importance and urgency. This is my biggest tip. When you already know what you have to do, you get way more done than if you were just doing things without a plan. And planning out the next day’s activities takes less than ten minutes. I don’t understand why more people don’t do it.

Punctuality is one important aspect. I try my best to be on time for whatever engagement I have. It is respectful to all the parties involved. For that, I plan ahead. I absolutely hate someone being late. It shows they have no regard for my time. Exceptions exist, of course. Things like traffic and accidents are not in our control. Such situations are understandable. 

Of course, I’m not perfect. Unforeseen things happen outside of my control. I might be late to appointments. I might not accomplish my daily goals. In such scenarios, it is best to simply own up and ensure it never happens again.

Speaking Part 3

  • How do you organize your time?

I plan out what I want to do during a particular day the night before. I prioritise my tasks and order them based on urgency and importance.

  • Do you think young people organize their time in the same way?

Of course not. Some young people – like me – like to be meticulous in how we plan out our time. It helps us get more things done. Others prefer to make little to no plans at all. They feel more comfortable leaving their day open to improvisation and opportunities.

  • Are you ever late for anything?

I certainly try not to be, but that is not always possible. I was late for work a few times last week. Thankfully, I didn’t face any issues as I was stuck in heavy traffic.

  • How do you feel when you are late for an appointment?

Again, I try my best not to be, but it does happen on occasion. When it does, I feel incredibly guilty, as I hate keeping other people waiting. I profusely apologise to everyone waiting. 

  • How do you feel when others are late?

This depends on why they are late. If it’s some genuine reason, like an accident or a traffic jam, I completely understand. Some things are not in our control. However, if they were just too lazy or inconsiderate to be punctual, that upsets me. This shows an utter lack of respect for my time.

  • Why do some people find it hard to follow plans?

Well, the reason why it is difficult to follow plans is probably because people are distracted with their surroundings. If you notice, most people set all these plans and goals, usually at night, before sleep, or when all is quiet. Then a lot of people end up getting distracted and veer off course during the day.

  • How do you teach children time management?

I believe there are several steps to help children manage time. Firstly, I should be a role model. Unorganised, chaotic parents usually have unorganised, chaotic children. Therefore, I should demonstrate my behaviour. I can also help them make a hierarchy of priorities they can use as a master checklist to make better time management decisions. For example: prioritise the following values: family, school, personal development, community, and friends. Finally, provide children with the necessary tools they need to succeed. Alarm clocks, wristwatches, and personal calendars, for example, can help them focus on necessary activities.

  • Do you like to wear watches?

Yes, I do! Many people these days don’t bother to wear watches anymore as mobile phones can tell the time just as well. But I believe it’s about more than that. A watch is not just a device that tells time. Watches also make you look professional and are an excellent fashion statement. 


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