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IELTS Speaking Vocabulary : Topic Environment

Environment is a controversial topic in life, and in IELTS as well.

At first, let’s look at the several causes of environmental issues and their possible solutions.

Causes of Environmental Problems

  • Chemical and industrial waste:

Example: Chemical and industrial waste from the factories pollute my neighbourhood.

  •  Emission from cars and motorbikes

Example: Emission from cars and motorbikes can be blamed for pollution in land and air.

Solutions to Environmental Problems

  • Raising awareness in people about preserving water and forest resources

Example: It is necessary to run some campaigns to raise awareness in people about the importance of preserving water and forest resources.

  • Using alternative energy resources

Example: In order to mitigate the environmental issues, alternative energy resources such as wind and solar energy should be implemented.

Collocations and Phrases for IELTS Speaking Test -Topic Environment

1. Wildlife reserve/ nature reserve/ game reserve : an area of land in which plants and animals are protected

Example: Rare animals should be protected in game reserve.

2. Wildlife conservation : to protect animals and plants and their habitats

Example: The government is considering whether they should invest money on wildlife conservation.

3. Natural environment : the place where animals and plants would normally be found

Example: Legislation to protect natural environment should be enacted due to enhanced greenhouse effect.

4. Toxic waste/poisonous fumes/emissions : poisonous rubbish produced by industrial process

Example: Local people are suffering due to a great deal of toxic waste being released by factories.

5. Air quality : the cleanliness of the air we breathe

Example: Living in an environment with high air quality can have a good impact on our health.

6. Pollution levels : the amount of toxic waste

Example: Many factories are releasing waste illegally into air and water, which contributes to the increase of pollution levels.

7. Man-made disaster : widespread damage or loss of life brought about by action of human beings

Example: Man-made disaster is a controversial issue, and people should pay more attention to find a solution for this problem.

8. Loss of habitats : the decline in areas of land where animals and plants would normally exist

Example: Due to logging, loss of habitats is increasingly common at present.

9. Endangered species : animals or plants are on the verge of extinction

Example: We have to take the responsibility for protecting endangered species from hunting and natural disaster.

10. To die out : to become extinct

Example: The entire population of Kangaroo is in danger of dying out.

11. Global warming : the increasing temperature of the world brought about by gases such as CO2

Example: We are experiencing various side effects of global warming due to the enhanced greenhouse effect.

12. Greenhouse effect : the gradual warming of the air surrounding the Earth as a result of heating trapped by pollution

Example: The deforestation of forests is contributing to greenhouse effect.


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