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IELTS Writing Task 2: Travelling to other countries

IELTS Writing 2020 : Travelling to other countries

Many people are travelling to other countries. Why? Is it a positive or negative development?

Sample Answer:

There is a great number of people going travelling and visiting other nations, these days. This can be caused by several reasons and personally, it is a positive development.

To begin with, there are two contributing factors behind people’s motivation to travel. First, many of them may want to learn more about unfamiliar cultures as during their trip, they are allowed to get exposed to local people and observe cultural differences here. This gives them a chance to make a comparison of cultural traits in different nations, which helps them enrich their knowledge and have a more profound understanding of the world. Second, a number of people decide to go on a trip in another nation so that they can visit their relatives or family members who live overseas. Video calls or photos only help them see each other’s faces without hugging or holding hands, and therefore, they desire to travel abroad so as to meet their beloved ones in flesh.

I believe the prevalence of cross-border trips brings about great positive effects on society. With many travellers coming to a country, the demand for housing and food here will likely grow, so local people can earn a great amount of money through providing shelters and selling their traditional cuisines. For instance, Thailand is a country that welcomes millions of travellers from around the world annually, thanks to which the tourism industry here can flourish. Thousands of jobs have also been created, such as workers in travel agencies, taxi drivers or tour guides, to serve the great number of international tourists. Therefore, many Thai residents working in this industry have escaped poverty, avoid unemployment and enjoy a better life quality.

In conclusion, people these days travel across the border in order to acquire new knowledge and see one another. In my opinion, this development is positive due to its various social benefits.


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