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IELTS Writing Education 8 (band 9)

Topic: Some people think that children should start school at a very early age, but others believe

that children should go to school until they are older.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Sample answer

People have different views about whether children should start their formal education as early as

possible or delay it until they are older. Personally, I believe an early commencement of study would

be far more beneficial than a later start.

Firstly, starting school at a young age would generate a number of positive outcomes. Undeniably, the

younger an individual is, the easier it is for them to acquire new knowledge and information. As a

result, these children would have a head start over their peers pursuing higher education. Besides

this, they would have more opportunity to figure out their natural talents. Most Vietnamese children,

for example, are sent to kindergarten at the age of 3 or 4 where they are taught basic skills such as

addition and subtraction. After a couple of months, those showing potential will be further cared for

by teachers with an aim to train them to become specialized students who can represent their school

in national and international competitions in the not-too-distant future.

On the other hand however, several individuals advocate a later start to formal schooling due to a

number of reasons. It is believed that commencing school at a later age will offer kids more time to

learn many things via their parents at home. As a result, these children will become more mature and

integrate more easily into the educational environment in the upcoming years. In addition, it might

also be more beneficial for children to have a childhood in which they can cultivate their own skills

and interests through normal activities at home.

Personally, I believe that such ideas are flawed because delaying schooling reduces the opportunity

for social interaction. Despite being safe with their parents at home, children would have fewer

chances to engage in extracurricular activities which would equip them with vital soft skills including

teamwork and communication skills. Not to mention, while not at school, many children tend to lead

an unhealthy lifestyle as their free time is devoted to online games, which gradually isolate them from


To conclude, I do believe that it would be well-advised that parents send their children to school at

an early age.


Vocabulary highlights:

  • An early commencement of study
  • Head startc
  • Formal schooling
  • Vital soft skills including teamwork and communication skills
  • Well-advised


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