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IELTS Writing Task 2 – Children live with their parents

Some people encourage young children to leave their parents’ house as soon as they become adults while others say children should stay at their parents’ house as long as possible.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Model Answer

People are divided as to whether children should move out on their own once they reach the age of adulthood, with some suggesting they should stay with their parents. While there are clear upsides to children continuing to live with their parents past 18, I am in favor of encouraging them to leave their parents’ house.

Admittedly, decision to stay with one’s parents after becoming an adult has some benefits, one of which is a safer transition to adulthood. Since children and parents live together, they can share accommodation and household expenses. This can be considered a prudent option for young people in today’s tumultuous economic world where the cost of living including rent is generally rising. Parents themselves are also at an advantage as they will have caregivers in their older age. Their children can shoulder the responsibility of tending to their personal and medical needs, which is a common concern for most old parents. This would not only benefit the individual parent, but also the society as a whole seeing as it can be seen as a measure to buffer growing senile problems such the rising number of the abandoned elderly.

Despite these arguments, I support the idea of encouraging young people to move out on their own upon becoming an adult. First of all, living independently is a step towards maturity. Having moved out, young adults learn to cope with everyday problems such as paying the bills and managing housework by themselves. This, in turn, prepares for future family life. Not developing these essential skills before marriage can bring about many hardships later on. Living independently also means greater space and privacy. As children grow older, they naturally want more space, not just for new furniture or personal gear, but also for socializing. Moving into a place of their own would mean they have more room for inviting friends for social gatherings without disturbing their parents, which is also appreciated by parents when they are old.

In conclusion, while staying with one’s parents in adulthood has numerous benefits, I suggest young people move out on their own as it prepares them for their future life and provides more personal space and privacy.

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