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Writing Task 1: The production of woollen

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

The diagram shows the different stages in the production of woollen goods

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer band 8.0+

The diagram illustrates how wool is produced for both personal and industrial use. Generally, it is clear that there are various steps involved, beginning with the sheep being sheared and ending with the woolen yarns being knitted or woven into commercially made jackets and carpets.

The process commences when the sheep are sheared for their fleece. Once the collective amount of fleece is cleaned with water and chemicals to get rid of contaminants such as grease, twigs, dried sweat, and other debris, it is taken to a drying machine. Following this, the fleece is carded, which results in tufts of wool and pieces of string as byproducts, with the latter being reintroduced into the process to maximize productivity. 

Then, woolen tufts are sent to a warehouse for storage before being spun into balls of yarn. In the last stage, these yarn balls are sold for either individual pastimes, like knitting, or the commercial purpose of making jackets or carpets.

159 words – Band 8.0+ 

Sample Answer 7.0+

The chart illustrates the various steps in the process of making woollen products.

Overall, there are 10 principal stages in this process, beginning with the rearing of sheep and ending with the finished goods.

Firstly, sheep are reared, until they have enough wool on their bodies for the next step – removing the wool, known as shearing. At the third and fourth stages, this wool is cleaned and dried. It is then ready for spinning by machine, after which the wool is almost ready to be made into different products. At this spinning stage, however, some of the product can be used to make string and may be recycled.

From the wool produced at the sixth stage, tufts of wool are manufactured and then stored. Next, the tufted wool is used for spinning into balls of yarn. Finally, these balls of yarn may be used for knitting or for making into woollen goods, such as jackets or carpets.

157 words – Band 7.0+ 


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