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Useful words and phrases:

  1. a barrage of (collocation)
  2. abdominal (adj)
  3. acute (adj)
  4. be fraught with (collocation) = be full of (collocation)
  5. be out of all proportion to (collocation)
  6. ethical (adj)
  7. ever-present (adj)
  8. fatal (adj)
  9. legislation (n)
  10. make for (phr.v)
  11. malfunction (v/n)
  12. mental scars (collocation)
  13. rigour (n)
  14. spectacular (adj)
  15. strenuous (adj)
  16. to be a springboard for something (collocation)
  17. tragic outcome (collocation)


Task 1: Write sentences from given cues. Make changes to the cues when needed.

  1. student / not / apply / oneself / will not / able / handle / rigour / medical school.
  2. since / 2001 / American / always / feel / ever-present / danger / terrorist / attack.
  3. lawyer / politician / often / insult / their / apparent / lack / ethical / value.
  1. everyone / agree / film / inside / chocolate factory / make for / good television.
  2. shortly / before / crash / pilot / report / malfunction / aircraft / navigation system.

Task 2: Fill in the blanks with suitable words/phrases

a barrage of (collocation)
abdominal (adj)
acute (adj)
be fraught with= be full of (collocation)
be out of all proportion to (collocation)
ethical (adj)
ever-present (adj)
fatal (adj)
legislation (n)
make for (phr.v)
malfunction (v/n)
mental scars (collocation)
rigour (n)
spectacular (adj)
strenuous (adj)
to be a springboard for something (collocation)
tragic outcome (collocation)

Some people think that governments should ban dangerous sports, while others think people should have freedom to do any sports or activity. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

The media commonly provide 1___________news about dangerous sports, because the deaths and 2___________associated with them often 3___________headlines. As a result, some people have claimed that all extreme sports should be banned, although I would argue that such a policy would 4___________the real risks involved.

Those in favour of prohibiting people from taking part in dangerous sports tend to focus on the risk element. Even when individuals may be physically and mentally prepared to participate in extreme sports activities, and even when they have all the right equipment, the dangers are 5___________. For example, few sports are as challenging and 6___________as BASE jumping. Participants hurl themselves off cliffs or tall buildings, and few escape without suffering severe bruising or 7___________pains which normally last for several days. In addition, although sports equipment rarely 8___________, this may still happen, and the consequences may be 9___________- such as a BASE jumper’s parachute failing to deploy. The supporters of 10___________to ban dangerous sports argue that such 11___________not only affect the individual victims, but also leave 12___________which their families then have to live with for the rest of their lives.

However, I support the view of those who contend that participation in extreme sports must be a matter of personal choice. Firstly, overcoming physical challenges may 13___________positive personal transformation. It may make a person stronger and more determined, and the experience may be a lifechanging one. Secondly, the 14___________of preparation in order to take part in mountain-climbing, white-water rafting or other such extremely 15___________activities demonstrate that an individual is in peak health and physical condition. Finally, there is an 16___________aspect which dictates that a person should have the freedom to pursue the challenges which they set themselves, even though this may involve a level of risk that others might find unacceptable.

In conclusion, while acknowledging the real risks, I would defend the right of any individual to take part in the extreme sport of their choice.

351 words


Task 1

1. Students who do not apply themselves will not be able to handle the rigour of medical school.

2. Since 2001, Americans have always felt the ever-present danger of a terrorist attack.

3. Lawyers and politicians are often insulted for their apparent lack of ethical values.

4. Everyone agreed that filming inside a chocolate factory would make for good television.

5. Shortly before the crash the pilot had reported a malfunction of the aircraft’s navigation system.

Task 2

(1) a barrage of

(2) injuries

(3) make for spectacular

(4) be out of all proportion

(5) ever-present

(6) fraught with danger

(7) acute abdominal

(8) malfunctions

(9) fatal

(10) legislation

(11) tragic outcomes

(12) mental scars

(13) be a springboard for

(14) rigours

(15) strenuous

(16) ethical

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