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IELTS Writing Task 2 – Gap Year

Some students take one year off between finishing high school and going to university, in order to travel or to work.

Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Sample Answer

Some high school graduates decide to take a gap year prior to furthering their education in university. While this decision is not without its downsides, I believe it is largely a sensible choice because of the numerous benefits it offers.

Taking a gap year can prove unfavorable to students in some respects. The main concern here is loss of enthusiasm towards academics after a long break. This is because some students are tempted to continue working or traveling once they experience the freedom and thrills that come with these activities. However, the decision to discontinue to their studies will hurt their employment prospects in the long run as they will not have a well-rounded education. Even when they do decide to further their education, they are likely to struggle with their studies following a more intriguing period of work or travel; they may see learning in a negative light – tedious or challenging. They, eventually, tend to lag behind their peers or drop out altogether.

Despite these drawbacks, I would argue that a year off school does more good than harm. First of all, it helps students grow mature. A year off school spent working or travelling can be a chance to self-discover and broaden one’s outlook on life through exposure to different work environments and cultures. Such an experience turns students into self-aware and mature individuals. Not only that, but students can also acquire some work experience by trying different jobs, which allows them to further discover their interests. Having realized where their interests lie, they can choose the right major later in university. Last but not least, a gap year is a much-needed break from academic studies for students experiencing mental burn-outs. These students can return to school feeling rejuvenated and recharged having engaged in non-academic pursuits such as work and travel.

In conclusion, granted, taking a gap year has some minus points, but I am convinced that its upsides ranging from self-growth to a necessary escape from academic life are more substantial.

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