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IELTS Writing Task 2 – The international competitive sports bring conflict

Some people think that international competitive sports such as football bring conflict between people of different age groups and nationalities. Others think the sport is helping reach understanding between people and nations.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample Answer

While some reckon international competitive sports can be a source of tension among different nations as well as young and old people, others maintain they can foster intercultural understanding. I tend to agree with the latter view.

Admittedly, competitive sports sometimes lead to animosity among people. This can be attributed to the confrontational nature of competitive sports. A high sense of competition in these games gives rise to intensity and tension not only among players but also fans. For instance, the historic UFC match between Irish and Russian fighters Connor and Khabib created physical altercations among fans before and following the match. Such hostile behavior is also exhibited during international team sporting events. The match between Argentine and Netherland during the World Cup 2022 is a good case in point, where the reckless reaction of one of the players pitted fans of two teams against each, causing a brawl after the event.

I, however, share the view that international sport competitions bring nations together. They provide an escape in times of global conflicts as nations set aside their differences to enjoy the games and rejoice. One prime example is when German and French soldiers played soccer during WW1. The event served as a temporary relief from international tension occurring at the time. Such events also further reinforce unity and togetherness by evoking feelings of humanity. Because competitive sports test human capabilities, they point out our strengths and weaknesses, which remind us of our communality regardless of differences in our cultures, race, and religion. This, in turn, promotes feelings of mutual empathy.

In conclusion, granted, international competitive sports can at times lead to hostility between different nations, but I agree with those who believe they help inculcate a sense of mutual understanding and togetherness.

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